Devin Lloyd, who recently selected his jersey number for his debut NFL season with the Jacksonville Jaguars, explained his decision to wear No. 33 over No. 22 at a rookie minicamp press conference.

No. 22 — worn by Utah teammates Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe, who tragically passed away — was available to Lloyd, as no one on Jacksonville’s roster wears the number and a recent NFL rule change allows linebackers to wear numbers 1-59.

“I really wanted to let No. 22 be Aaron (Lowe) and Ty’s (Jordan) legacy. That’s their number, that’s their legacy. I think it would’ve been an awesome representation to wear that, but that’s their legacy and I don’t want to touch that legacy,” Lloyd said.

No. 22 was retired by the Utah football program in 2021.

“I honor them, that’s why I always wear this red band. This is the red band that we got at Aaron’s funeral. That’s how I honor them,” Lloyd said.

No. 33 will be on the back of Lloyd’s jersey for his debut NFL season with Jacksonville.

“Out of the numbers available, I really liked that one and I feel like it fits me,” Lloyd said.