Fourteen years after placing second on “American Idol,David Archuleta returned to the stage that launched his stardom.

But he didn’t sing this time around.

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Why did David Archuleta return to ‘American Idol’?

Recovering from a recent vocal surgery, Archuleta went back on “American Idol” to surprise four of his diehard fans who went viral for their emotional reactions when the show revealed he had lost to David Cook in 2008.

In the clip that went viral, the four fans go from eager anticipation to screaming in despair to sobbing in defeat as host Ryan Seacrest reveals Archuleta’s loss.

Last year, Archuleta gave those passionate fans a shoutout on Twitter, writing, “Hope they’re doing fine, wherever they are!”

Now, the singer finally got to meet those fans in person, surprising the four women on “The Great Idol Reunion,” a show celebrating the 20th anniversary of “American Idol” that aired earlier this week.

The four women — who Yahoo Entertainment identified as Natalie Blanock, Madison Shemansky, Kellie Duffey and Natalie Burchesky — arrived to the “American Idol” set sporting T-shirts with Archuleta’s face. Seacrest then played them the clip of their reactions.

“That was one of the most gut-wrenching moments in these girls’ lives, and they’re here with us tonight,” Seacrest said, before asking the women if they were still Archuleta fans, according to Decider.

After the women said they still listen to Archuleta’s music and follow him online, Seacrest told them he had a “surprise,” Decider reported.

To their shock, Archuleta then walked onto the stage.

“Thanks for creating such a fun and memorable moment for me and everyone else,” he told them through his phone’s vocal-assistance app, according to Yahoo. “Sorry I didn’t win!”

Who is competing on ‘American Idol’ 2022?

Currently, the following seven singers are competing for the “American Idol” crown, the Deseret News reported:

  • Christian Guardino.
  • Leah Marlene.
  • Niccolina Bozzo.
  • Fritz Hager.
  • Huntergirl.
  • Noah Thompson.
  • Jay Copeland.

“American Idol” will narrow the competition down to five Sunday night. The show will reveal the winner on May 22.