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Kristen Bell says ‘Frozen 3’ is happening — with ‘zero authority’

Bell said she was up to return for a third ‘Frozen’ movie during a recent appearance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’

SHARE Kristen Bell says ‘Frozen 3’ is happening — with ‘zero authority’
Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Sven in “Frozen 2.”

Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Groff, and Sven, voiced by Frank Welker, in “Frozen 2.” Bell recently talked about the possibility of “Frozen 3” during an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

Associated Press

Did Kristen Bell just confirm that a third “Frozen” movie is in the works?

Driving the news: Bell recently appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” where she spilled the unofficial beans during her interview.

  • Bell was on the show promoting her new children’s book, “The World Needs More Purple Schools,” according to Digital Spy.

What they’re saying: During the interview, Fallon asked Bell about the possibility of another “Frozen” movie, to which she responded, “I would like to officially announce, with zero authority, Frozen 3,” according to the “Today” show.

  • Bell went on to explain her lack of control in the matter, saying, “Please bear in mind I did say ‘zero authority,’ ‘cause I can’t (actually announce it). I can’t do that — I’m not in charge,” per Romper.
  • Bell also mentioned that her co-star, Idina Menzel (who voices Princess Elsa in the Disney movie) had brought up the possibility of a third “Frozen” before. “I’ll keep it mysterious. But I know Idina recently said she would do it and I feel like if we’re all in, what are we waiting for?” Bell said, according to People magazine.
  • Menzel revealed earlier this month that she would be willing to do another “Frozen” movie in an interview on “Shop Today” with Jill Martin. “The singer said that she hopes ‘Frozen 3’ becomes a reality because she would play Elsa ‘anytime,’” NBC New York reported.
  • According to Movie Web, star Josh Gad (who voices Olaf), discussed the possibility of another “Frozen” movie last year, saying he hoped the writers could think of a new storyline to keep the plot interesting and fresh.

Details: “Frozen” first came out in theaters in 2013.

  • The sequel, “Frozen II,” premiered six years after the original movie, in 2019.
  • Bell spoke in Salt Lake City earlier this month as a headline speaker for Accelerate: The Global Ecommerce Acceleration Summit, per the Deseret News.