This Los Angeles-based vegan restaurant is redefining fast food.

  • Driving the news: TikToker @plantbasedparadise first uploaded a video about a vegan restaurant called Mr. Charlie’s back in February, showing the storefront’s red and yellow building design that looked nearly identical to McDonald’s.
  • The video racked up over 3 million views and countless reaction and review videos from other users on the app, including “Truth Hurts” singer Lizzo, who claimed the fries had the “McDonald’s salt” taste to them.

i’ve never had a happy meal before so this was magical 🍔❤️

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  • The restaurant features items like “Frowny meals” and vegan “Not a Double Double” sandwiches made with a plant-based Impossible burger patty.

What they’re saying: One of the co-founders of Mr. Charlie’s talked to Fox 11 about the company’s mission, saying, “We are breaking the stigma on vegan plant-based food. A lot of people have got this thing that vegan food doesn’t taste very good, and it’s actually pretty exceptional.”

  • When asked about the company’s almost identical look to McDonald’s, Mr. Charlie’s marketing agency Clyde & Seventh responded, “McWho?” per Daily Dot.
McDonald’s is creating a new sandwich called the McPlant

Menu: According to its official website, Mr. Charlie’s menu is simple and straightforward — it offers four different sandwiches, as well as nuggets and fries.

  • Not a Hamburger: Impossible burger with pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard. Costs $6.
  • Not a Cheeseburger: Impossible burger, vegan cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard. Costs $7. (You can also purchase a Double Not which comes with two patties instead of one.)
  • Not a Chicken Sandwich: A plant-based patty with lettuce and vegan mayo. Costs $8.
  • Not Chicken Nuggets: Plant-based nuggets that taste like chicken. Costs $7.
  • British Chips: Just fries. Costs $5.
  • Frowny Meal: 4 nuggets, a “Not a Double Double,” fries and a drink. Costs $17.

So, is the food good? According to its 4.8-star review on DoorDash with over 1,000 positive comments, the majority of people say yes, it is.

  • One reviewer commented on its similarity to McDonald’s, saying, “The food is amazing!! It honestly tastes just like McD’s. My husband and I LOVE it.”
  • Another reviewer commented that the food tasted “really good,” saying, “If you’re vegan and craving some yummy fast food, this is the place! The not a double double hit the spot for me!”
  • Vegans and plant-based dieters alike went to Twitter to share their thoughts on the fast-food joint, with one user rating their meal “100/10 best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

Does McDonald’s have vegan options? According to Vegconomist, “McDonald’s itself has been rolling out its long-awaited McPlant burger around the world, with a trial of the Beyond Meat-produced burger recently expanded to hundreds of new locations in Texas and California.”

Details: Mr. Charlie’s first opened five months ago in downtown L.A. and was started by co-founders Taylor and Charlie Kim, per the Los Angeles Times.