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Ready for fall? Here are the best things to buy at Costco for autumn this year

SHARE Ready for fall? Here are the best things to buy at Costco for autumn this year

Costco is now selling Fall items and holiday treats from now till the end of the year.

Ted S. Warren, Associated Press

Fall is here and there are so many foods to buy for neighborhood get-togethers, events and upcoming Halloween parties. Costco has many different items to choose from this fall and the Deseret News has compiled the perfect list for your next shopping trip to the wholesale store.

The best things to buy at Costco for fall this year

1. Lotus Biscoff cookies

These cream sandwich cookies have been trending on social media and are now at Costco for those who want to try them. The box you can purchase at the wholesale store has six sleeves with 15 cookies in each, according to Eat This, Not That! This item is great for gatherings and will save you money going in to the holidays.

2. Hallow-Boo bark

Eat This, Not That reported that this bark is made of milk chocolate, pretzels, candy corn, sprinkles and googly eyes. This treat is perfect for kids and adults alike. Everyone needs this treat to be served at their Halloween or any gatherings during September and October.

3. Pumpkin streusel muffins:

Hunker reported that this highly beloved fall dessert is now back in stock at Costco. The pumpkin muffins have been described as moist with a cinnamon-infused streusel on top, according to the description given by SheKnows. They are dusted in powdered sugar and have been dubbed the perfect fall treat.

4. Junior’s apple crumb cheesecake

Costco is popular not just for the foods that it makes but also the desserts that it imports. Delish reported that Junior’s bakery apple crumb cheesecake is a fall favorite among many people and is now being sold at Costco for the upcoming holiday season.

5. White chocolate hot cocoa bombs

These treats are perfect for entertaining anyone ranging from kids to adults this holiday season and will spice up any fall party. These chocolate spheres contain fun sprinkles and treats inside. When the chocolate melts apart in hot water, the treats inside the chocolate are spilled into your holiday drink, according to Hunker.

These five must-have items for the fall have been released at Costco and are only here for a little bit of time. The pumpkin streusel muffins will be sold until the end of the year while the Hallow-boo bark will most likely not be sold after Halloween, according to Hunker.

As for the apple crumb cheesecake, hot cocoa bombs and Biscoff cookies, a definitive end date to their time at Costco hasn’t been released yet, but people can only hope these treats will stay on the shelf for awhile.