“The Chosen,” a popular Christian show that chronicles the life of Jesus Christ, has had a wildly popular first two seasons. When does “The Chosen” Season 3 come out? Here’s everything we know.

Driving the news: According to director Dallas Jenkins, “The Chosen” Season 3 is on the horizon.

  • Jenkins says he wants his show to continue to honor God, per the Deseret News. “When I sit in front of the blank page for Season 3 ... the blank page just wants me to make sure I continue the work I’ve been doing to honor God and the scriptures.”
  • As the Deseret News reported, it’s likely that “The Chosen” Season 3 will premier later this year.
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What they’re saying: “The Chosen” is “one of the highest crowdfunded media projects in history,” per the Deseret News. Jenkins created “The Chosen” after a “huge career failure.”

  • “I thought, ‘A multiseason show gives you that time to really get to know the people who followed Jesus and get to know Jesus even better,’” Jenkins explained. “That was the idea I had.”
  • “It’s just that I was in this ‘loaves and fishes’ position. Loaves and fishes, man, like, I’m just here to do what God has in front of me,” Jenkins continued.

Details: Per the Deseret News, “The Chosen” Season 3 started filming in April of this year.

  • “The Chosen” released a few videos while filming Season 3, giving fans insight and behind-the-scene looks into what to expect for the next season.
  • While Season 3 isn’t out yet, you can watch the first two seasons of “The Chosen” for free at AngelStudios.com.

What it’s rated and why: According to Dove.org, “The Chosen” is best for kids 12 and older.

  • According to Dove.org, “Some cautionary elements of the series include violence involving fighting, swords and other situations. Additional elements include lying, deception, greed and demonic possession.”