With Halloween just around the corner, you and your kids are probably just beginning to think about your Halloween costumes.

When going shopping for Halloween costumes with your family, it would be a good idea to go in with a plan of what you will look at and what you will avoid. If you have questions about what types of costumes would be best to avoid, you’ve come to the right place.

How to approach Halloween with sensitivity

When picking a Halloween costume, ask yourself, “How will it make others feel?” If you think that they might be hurt or offended, it’s probably best to skip it.

Here’s what to avoid this Halloween:

  • Cultural appropriation: You might have heard the phrase “my culture is not a costume” to explain what costumes are appropriating from other cultures. Like Baylor University points out, using items from another person’s culture or religion — like bindhis or sombreros — as a costume doesn’t show respect for the significance and symbolism these items have in a person’s culture.
  • Costumes that make fun of marginalized groups: Avoid costumes that are racist, make fun of someone’s identity, poke fun at mental illness or make fun of any marginalized group. Good Housekeeping gives a list of costumes to avoid that is good to reference if you have questions.

11 Halloween costume ideas

1. The men in black

This one is super easy to DIY. Dress in black pants, black shirts and get a cool pair of sunglasses. You can get everything for this costume at Deseret Industries, aka DI.

2. Crayons

This Halloween, you and your whole family can dress up as crayons. There are plenty of crayon costumes on Amazon. This is a fun one since you can all pick your favorite color.

3. Decades costumes

There are a lot of options with this costume idea. If you are a fan of the Roarin’ 20s, you could go with that theme, or you could go for a ’70s look. The possibilities with this one are endless and can be so fun. This is another idea that would be easy to DIY.

4. A slice of pizza

This pizza costume from Spirit Halloween is a great option for someone who wants a unique costume that will make their friends chuckle. There are other food costume options as well.

5. The Sanderson Sisters

“Hocus Pocus 2” is slated to release on Friday. This Halloween, consider dressing up as the Sanderson Sisters or other characters from “Hocus Pocus.” There are plenty of costumes online for them including from Amazon.

6. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

This costume theme is a great option for the whole family — you can all dress up as characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for an easy and cute costume. Amazon has a lot of options available.

7. Pumpkins

During spooky season, pumpkins can be found everywhere, from grocery stores to drinks. Try dressing up as pumpkins this year for a fun costume.

8. ‘Bluey’

“Bluey” is a popular television show right now. If your children love this show, this might be the perfect costume for you all. Spirit Halloween sells Bluey costumes for the whole family.

9. An animal

Pick your favorite animal and find the perfect costume, like this Eeyore costume.

10. A superhero

There are a lot of great superhero costumes out there. Pick your favorite superhero or make up a fun superhero and design your own costume.

11. ‘Star Wars’

“Star Wars” is an iconic, classic franchise that has endured in popular culture. Consider dressing up as characters like Darth Vader or Princess Leia during the Halloween season. Costumes are available on Amazon.