Sierra Mist, Pepsi’s longtime Sprite rival, has been discontinued.

After 24 years, Pepsi has made the decision to pull Sierra Mist off the shelves. According to CNN Business, right now people are wanting to buy lemon-lime soda, and internal research at Pepsi showed that “demand for lemon lime flavored soda has never been greater.”

Sierra Mist brought in $1 billion in annual sales, according to Today. But Sprite, which is owned by Coca-Cola, brought in six times the amount of profit and remains the most popular lemon-lime soda in the U.S. Pepsi decided that it needed to up its game on lemon-lime soda.

Enter Starry, the new lemon-lime soda that will be rolled out this week. Look for fluorescent green and yellow packaging in a soda aisle near you and you’ll find it.

Bloomberg intelligence analyst Kenneth Shea was reported saying that this is “most aggressive move made by the company’s reinvigorated beverage business in years.”

The name itself is evocative of the cosmos and vaguely reminiscent of a famous painting by well-known artist Vincent Van Gogh. So what does this Sierra Mist replacement taste like?

What Starry tastes like

While I haven’t tried the new celestial-themed soda (yet), Pepsi has revealed what people can expect.

A Pepsi Co. representative told Today that Starry has “higher citrus flavors that are true to fruit and more aromatic which delivers a more balanced, cleaner, crisp finish than Sierra Mist.” The representative also said that it “delivers the crisp, refreshing bite consumers have been longing for in the lemon-lime flavored soda category.”

This caffeine-free lemon-lime soda might already be available at a grocery store or gas station near you if you’re looking to try it.