Goats are eating leftover Christmas trees in Philadelphia.

Officer responds to bizarre house call — goats on the roof

As Philadelphia residents are getting rid of their Christmas trees this year, goats are waiting to snack on the trees. According to CBS News, instead of donating your tree by leaving it on the side of the curb, you can donate the Christmas tree to a farm in Philadelphia.

Fox Chase Farm, full of 20 goats, has been accepting trees during the Christmas season for the goats to snack on. Tens of millions of Christmas trees go to waste each year, per CBS News. Goats snacking on trees are a way to not waste the tree.

Some of the goats have favorite trees to snack on.

Karen Krivit, the head of the Philly Goat Project, which oversees the goat farm, said to The Wall Street Journal about one of the goats, “Balsam fir is his favorite. It’s like the Godiva chocolate of pine trees.”

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Ms. Krivit says trees donated in January will feed her goats well into late spring. Around 600 arrived the first Saturday of the month’s tree drive. What the goats leave behind — branches and tree trunks — will be shredded into mulch to be spread over the Arboretum’s 56 acres. In coming months, the goats will also serve as Arboretum landscapers, munching through stands of poison ivy and Japanese knotweed.”