Tacos, burritos, mole, tamales, elote — Mexican food has some incredible dishes.

Utah has some great Mexican restaurants all across the state. Some focus more on mole, others are fantastic for street tacos and elote. Regardless, there are some great restaurants at different price points that you can try with the whole family or for a special date night.

Here’s a list of some of the best Mexican restaurants in the state.

The very definitive and totally serious list of the best tacos in Utah

How rankings are done: Rating food is an art, not a science. I gather recommendations from colleagues and ask for their opinion on best restaurants for a particular cuisine. I also include restaurants that I have tried and thought their food was remarkable. The lists are curated to include a variety of different price points and styles of food and restaurant.

Real Taqueria

Located in Holladay, this restaurant has some life-changing sauces with incredible tacos. Their spicy red sauce compliments their cooling avocado crema. It goes perfectly on their pollo asado tacos or really any taco on the menu. If you’re hungry for a side dish, try their chips and queso. Their chips are thick and sturdy, making them still crunch when you dip them in the queso.


Located in Salt Lake City, this restaurant has the best molcajete, a traditional Mexican dish that you’ll definitely want to try. If you like a dessert to follow your dinner, this restaurant has some of the best flan as well. The dishes are all served beautifully and the food tastes fresh. Plus they have a fajita salad — a must-try.

Los Amigos

Located in Ephraim, this restaurant serves its burritos with an incredible chile verde sauce. You can also get the chile verde sauce on top of their loaded fries — a great, unique appetizer choice. This restaurant is truly a gem and is one of the most affordable restaurants in Utah that serves fantastic, housemade, fresh-tasting food.

Sol Agave

Located in American Fork, this restaurant is one of the most popular in Utah Valley. If you’re looking for new flavor combinations, this is a great place to try. The rack of lamb has an amazing sauce that goes along with it and the crema sauce that goes with the sea bass has such a unique flavor. But this restaurant also has classic options that are done well, too, such as their carnitas.

Carnitas el 7 Machos

Located in Orem, this restaurant has tacos you won’t make to miss. The meat here is seasoned perfectly and is the star of the show. The restaurant has a simple menu, but everything on it is genuinely fantastic. This restaurant is worth the drive to try the amazing food that they have.

Red Iguana

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, this restaurant is one of the city’s most iconic restaurants. One of the most popular dishes is the mole, which is quite good (I think the mole verde is quite good). My personal go-to is the shrimp quesadilla, which is a fantastic option for a cheesy dish.


Located in Salt Lake City, this restaurant is known for its tacos al pastor. One of the most famous taco places in downtown, these tacos have fresh ingredients and the meats are cooked and seasoned well.

Angelica’s Mexican Grill

Located in St. George, Angelica’s Mexican Grill has some fantastic food. The fajita platter is fantastic — it comes with peppers and onions along with cabbage. The street tacos are also great after a long day of hiking. This restaurant offers agua fresca that complements their meals so well.

El Toro Viejo

Located in Logan, El Toro Viejo has some of the best fajitas I’ve had. They come out sizzling and the peppers and onions are cut in long strips. They taste fresh and are lightly seasoned with fantastic tortillas and salsas to go along with them. The meat was cooked well. This is a favorite among Logan locals — worth a visit!

Don Joaquin

Located in Provo, Don Joaquin has some of the best street tacos around. The restaurant has a little street taco bar complete with onions, cilantro and salsas. The classic street tacos taste fantastic and pair well with a Mexican coke.