Sunday is National Corn Chip Day.

This day celebrates the invention of the corn chip. According to National Day Calendar, corn chips are different than tortilla chips — Isador J. Filler is credited with inventing corn chips in the U.S. when he took a tostada and cut it into triangles in 1932. Around the same time, Elmer Doolin made a recipe for corn chips in his home and he invented the popular chips known as Fritos.

In honor of National Corn Chip Day, here are some meals you can try that have corn chips.


Chili and corn chips is a perfect combination. This hearty chili recipe from Spend with Pennies is perfect for a cold day. Sprinkle some corn chips on top for a salty addition to a hearty meal.

Easy nachos

These nachos are so easy and great for busy weeknights. Use taco seasoning on hamburger meat and then put some meat in a single-portion bag of Fritos. Add cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa or any other toppings that you would like.

Frito pie

This dish is a Midwestern delicacy. Think of chicken enchiladas, but instead of chicken, you use Fritos. Follow this recipe from Taste of Home for a cheesy, filling dinner.

Taco salad

Taco salad can be a quick and easy meal. Take some lettuce, corn, salsa, peppers, onions and taco-seasoned meat and mix together with crushed up corn chips and a dressing of your choice. Try this Chick-fil-A creamy salsa dressing dupe from Savor the Flavour.

Mexican Bean Soup

This Mexican Bean Soup from Veggie Desserts comes together in just minutes. It’s full of vegetables and the beans add additional protein. Corn chips, avocado and cheese make great toppings for this soup.

Chicken tortilla soup

This recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen involves making homemade corn tortilla strips — but you could substitute for corn chips. This vegetable-packed and protein-filled soup is a great option for a meal after playing outside all day in the snow with your family.