Wednesday night on the “Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham spoke to Seattle radio host Jason Rantz about crime in America and how he says Democrat-created policies “embolden” criminals rather than discourage them.

Referring to the many lives lost in the past year due to crime, Ingraham said, “All of these deaths are tragic, but if this does not force a change from the left, what is it going to take?”

“How many more have to die before they finally say enough is enough?” Ingraham added. “And by the way, where are we safe? Because these crimes aren’t just happening on our urban streets. They’re happening in our own homes.”

Ingraham then shared a clip of a robbery at a home in Beacon Hill, Washington, where two attackers, with a taser and gun, tased a man and took his belongings.

The robbery is suspected to be a part of a “vast home invasion ring” where as many as 14 Asian families were targeted in the Seattle area.

Ingraham asked Rantz if he expects to see any changes in crime in Seattle now that Leesa Manion has been elected as the King County prosecuting attorney.

“We don’t expect any changes,” Rantz said. “The criminals know what the law is allowing, and they know how much they can get away with. Which is why we’ve seen them be so emboldened.”

He added, “They’re doing this in broad daylight and know they can get away with it because there are laws that have been passed by radical Democrats that give them a pass.”

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