Less than 24 hours after another tough loss, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh has reiterated his support for quarterback Zach Wilson.

“I get it. There’s a yearning for more or whatever it is. But I feel like he played a good game yesterday,” Saleh said during his Monday press conference while explaining why Wilson will once again get the start this week.

He acknowledged that Wilson wasn’t perfect during the Jets’ loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, but added that adjustments need to be made across the entire offense.

“To say that one person is the reason for everyone failing, I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t think that’s right,” Saleh said.

At the same press conference, Saleh noted that he’s also not looking to make a change at play caller.

“We’re looking at everything, guys. ... We’re looking across the board to see if we can find a way to generate some offense,” he said.

Despite Saleh’s repeated defense of them, Wilson and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, along with Saleh himself, are undoubtedly on the hot seat. The Jets have gone 11 quarters — or 36 offensive drives — without scoring a touchdown.

Penalty issues have been a key driver of the Jets’ offensive struggles, including on Monday night, as the Deseret News previously reported.

The Jets had to settle for a field goal on multiple drives against the Raiders after being pushed back by penalties amid a successful drive.

As Saleh noted, Wilson put in a serviceable performance on Sunday night in prime time. He completed 23 of 39 passes for 263 yards and ran for a team-high 54 yards.

Unfortunately, his one interception came at a crucial moment, when the Jets were driving with a chance to score a touchdown and steal victory from the jaws of defeat, as the Deseret News reported.

The Jets next play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, Nov. 19.

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Even if Wilson, a former BYU quarterback, can stay in Saleh’s good graces, he’s expected to be benched soon in favor of Aaron Rodgers, who claims to be close to returning from the Achilles injury that he suffered during the Jets’ first game of the season.

Ahead of the Raiders game, Rodgers told NBC’s Melissa Stark that he hopes to return to action in mid-December. He’s already been able to throw passes on the field with other Jets players before recent games.

“He said, ‘I know it sounds insane, but you do a good surgery, you have a good patient, it makes this possible,’” Stark said during the Jets-Raiders game, according to The Associated Press.