A group promoting a “parallel economy” made up of businesses friendly to conservatives and their causes has devised a new shopping day for consumers whose wallets may already be thin because of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday.

It’s called “UnCancel Wednesday,” and the aim, according to the group, RePlatform, is to support businesses that “uphold traditional principles that inspire free speech, liberty and American values.”

The group is urging Americans to spend money at these businesses on Wednesday, Nov. 29. The list of companies promoted include Patriot Mobile, billed as “the Christian conservative wireless provider in America,” and American Woman Beauty, which sells a lipstick endorsed by OutKick podcaster Riley Gaines.

In a news release, Megan Greene, an executive at Patmos, an internet hosting company that offers “full-scale cloud solutions without the threat of censorship,” lauded the “freedom focused” parallel economy, and the movements to shop at small businesses and to buy products made in America.

“These movements proactively enable small and American-made businesses to stand firm in the communities where big business and cancel culture threaten their survival,” Greene said.

It’s unclear if UnCancel Wednesday will get much traction this year; Tuesday on X, there were just a smattering of mentions, most of them by the sponsoring organization. There is also some mixed messaging going on in the promotion of the event, with CEO David Ragsdale saying in a news release, “UnCancel Wednesday is not a boycott; it’s a response to corporations endorsing authoritarian Covid policies for profit.”

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Before launching RePlatform, Ragsdale led the anti-vaccine initiative Defeat the Mandates and he remains the operations director of that group.

But his new group is primarily focused on promoting the growing ecosystem of conservative-friendly businesses. Among its plans are a “Freedom Economy Convention” in Las Vegas in March 2024, billed as “the single largest gathering of parallel economy businesses, services and consumers in one place.”

Even with the growing number of businesses and companies courting conservatives, it will be difficult for UnCancel Wednesday to come close to Black Friday’s numbers, especially in its first few years.

CNN reported that sales for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were up from previous years. Shoppers spent $15.7 million every minute during the peak hour on Cyber Monday, and online sales alone on Black Friday reached $9.8 billion, according to Adobe Analytics.