In a video posted to X on Nov. 2 with over 11 million views, this snail stretched his neck four times his body length, bridging the gap between two bowls. Once his head reached the other side, he let his shell swing over to meet the rest of him.

The comments on this video are as funny as the snail itself. One comment said, “Me reaching for my phone in the morning because i dont want to get up.”

Another comment said, “I know those feels,” and included a meme:

Snails have shells, a “foot,” which is the muscle that stretches under its body, one pair of tentacles with eyes, another pair for feeling and a whole lot of mucus. All About Slugs explained, “A slug or snail moves by rhythmic waves of muscular contraction on the underside of its foot. At the same time a layer of mucus is secreted, which helps smooth the slug’s path across the ground.”

Snails’ mucus is very useful to them. It consists of water, protein, carbohydrates and minerals, according to The Conversation. When snails move, it looks like their “foot” is rippling.

Scientists use to think that the rippling motion caused its mucus to “liquefy,” but Discover Wildlife explained that the rippling motions actually propel the snail forward. Snails only really require their mucus when they need to stick to surfaces.