Morgan Moses, an offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, went into his team’s Sunday game against the Los Angeles Rams with two main goals:

  1. He needed to keep his quarterback, Lamar Jackson, safe from defenders.
  2. And he needed to get Rams receiver Puka Nacua’s jersey after the game.

“I have three boys and they all play football and they love (Nacua.) ... They couldn’t come to the game today, so my job, my No. 1 task besides protecting Lamar was to make sure I got his jersey,” Moses told NFL Network reporter Bridget Condon after the game.

Puka Nacua’s path to the NFL history books

Moses and the other members of the offensive line did good work for the Ravens — Jackson lost only six yards on two sacks in the team’s 37-31 overtime victory — and the offensive tackle also achieved his second goal.

Moses was able to get Nacua’s jersey after the game and let the rookie receiver know how much he and his boys enjoy watching him play.

“I told him, ‘I got three boys. ... They love you, bro. You’re on every one of their fantasy teams. On Madden, they trade for you.’ ... I just told him he’s a (expletive) of a player. Bright future,” Moses explained to Condon.

He said he’s going to surprise his sons with the jersey for Christmas.

As Moses noted, Nacua is having a memorable rookie year for the Rams.

The former BYU Cougar has 82 receptions for 1,113 receiving yards through 13 games. He’s already set the record for receptions in a single game by a rookie and is on track to break the season-long reception record for rookies, as the Deseret News has reported.

On Sunday against the Ravens, Nacua had five receptions for 84 yards, including one of the most impressive catches in the whole day of NFL action.

Moses told Condon that he’s not offended that his kids find watching Nacua more exciting than paying attention to his own performance on the field.

“They don’t care about dad unless they need something. They don’t see dad as a superstar,” he said, adding that he’s fine with it.