A recent study from Market Watch named Salt Lake City International Airport the 10th best airport in the nation for layovers overall and the sixth best for families on layovers, citing its varied amenities and services to explain the high rankings.

The study looked at over 20 metrics to put together its lists, including food and drink options, shopping selections, retail prices and congestion. It investigated 29 U.S. airports in total to determine which airports were the best for layovers overall and which were best for layovers involving families or frequent fliers.

Researchers also considered passengers per hour, cleanliness of public areas, public Wi-Fi, access to charging stations, ATM availability and more to assign overall ratings to the airports. The exact ratings for each airport were not released.

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What is the best airport to have a layover in?

George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, was ranked by Market Watch as the best U.S. airport for layovers, thanks to its high food and beverage choice score, wide variety of shops and even distribution of lounges.

Salt Lake City International Airport came in at No. 10, with good scores for food and beverage choices. It was rated to have a fairly even distribution of stores and restaurants per 100 people per hour, but had a slightly lower score for the selection of shops.

The worst of the 29 U.S. airports for layovers, according to Market Watch, is Orlando International Airport. Researchers didn’t like its low seat availability and the limited access to power and charging points. The airport also received poor ratings for food and drink options and overall cleanliness.

What is the best airport for families?

The best airport for families to have a layover in is Detroit Metropolitan Airport, according to the study. It has a good distribution of family restrooms and nursing rooms, has good prices for food and beverages, has a solid seat availability rating and has five kids play areas — the most of any other airport.

While Salt Lake City International Airport does not currently have any kids play areas, it came in sixth on the list because it scored well in the other areas and has the highest number of nursing rooms per 100 people per hour.

What is the best airport for frequent fliers?

Market Watch reports that the best airport for frequent fliers to have a layover in is also George Bush Intercontinental Airport. In addition to its high ratings for food and beverages and shop selections, it has a Centurion Lounge — American Express’ official airport lounge— and a good distribution of lounges per 100 visitors per hour.

Salt Lake City International Airport was not listed in the top ten airports for frequent flier layovers.