Since 2016, David Harbour has been playing the lovable, noble and unashamedly chubby Deputy Hopper in the Netflix smash hit “Stranger Things.” Much like everyone else on the show, Hopper has been through the ringer to the point where viewers have to wonder: when does it all end?

What did David Harbour say about ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5?

Harbour himself had something to say about this. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harbour admitted that, though he’s enjoyed his time on the show, he believes that it’s time that “Stranger Things” wraps things up.

“What’s funny is when I started the show, I never, ever wanted it to end,” Harbour said. “That’s why I love the show. I think it’s a great show, even if I wasn’t in it. Now we’re almost nine years from filming the first season, and I think it is time for it to end. But it is, of course, very bittersweet. You know, there’s a sadness there. But also, we’ve all grown up.”

Harbour made it clear that he thinks it’s best for everyone to move on, though he doesn’t sound as though he’s looking forward to it.

“It is time for us to leave that nest and try other things and different projects. And to let the Duffer brothers try different things as well. I mean, those guys are so talented. I want to see what they come up with next. So it is bittersweet, but it’s definitely time,” he said.

Should ‘Stranger Things’ end after Season 5?

But should “Stranger Things” finally wrap up after the show just had arguably its best season since the very first one that took America by storm almost seven years ago? The show got its groove back in Season 4 primarily because it went back to what made it so good in the first place: revisiting the mystery surrounding Eleven’s roots and the Upside Down.

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By doing so, fans finally got to see the long-awaited expansion of what the Upside Down is without giving too much away, along with the antagonist finally making their move, which sets up Season 5 perfectly. It was quite the redemption for the show following Seasons 2 and 3, neither of which were bad, but their failure to capitalize on the show’s extreme popularity thanks to Season 1 led to it losing some of its spunk. After Season 4 renewed fan interest in the story, why not keep it going?

Because, frankly, it’s about time they got to the final showdown they’ve been building up to for seven years now. Viewers are finally going to see our heroes battle against the Upside Down once and for all after all this buildup. To stretch that out further, especially after Season 2’s and 3’s hiccups, would risk their audience losing interest again.

Most importantly, it’s like they always say when it comes to storytelling: leave your audience wanting more. If “Stranger Things” sticks the landing in Season 5, they should leave it as it is so as not to tarnish their legacy. It’s better to let good die than to risk it becoming bad.

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It’s been confirmed that the show’s fifth season will in fact be its last one. While there’s a chance it may not end satisfactorily, the Duffer Brothers can take solace knowing that they knew when to call it curtains and not keep it going. Because when other franchises have gone the opposite route, they’ve suffered for it.