Is former BYU quarterback Jake Heaps’ time around the Denver Broncos going to come to an end?

New Broncos head coach Sean Payton sure made it sound that way as he was introduced to media on Monday.

Heaps, who was one of the best high school players in the country and played at BYU from 2010-2011 before transferring to Kansas, later became Broncos signal-caller Russell Wilson’s personal quarterback coach when Wilson was with the Seattle Seahawks.

Last summer when Wilson was traded to the Broncos from the Seahawks, Heaps went with him and would even join him at practices.

That became a problem, according to a December story by Luke Patterson.

Patterson wrote, “Wilson’s move to bring Heaps along and interject him into (Broncos) business directly disrespects the team aspect of professional football and all but spat in the face of Broncos’ coaching staff. Remember, Heaps cashes his paychecks issued by Wilson, not the Denver Broncos.”

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On Monday, Payton was asked during a scrum press setting if Heaps would continue to be allowed around the team.

“That’s foreign to me,” Payton said. “That’s not going to take place here. I mean, I’m unfamiliar with it, but our staff’ll be here, our players will be here and that’ll be it.”

Later, Payton was asked about it in a one-on-one interview with television reporter Mike Klis, and Payton reaffirmed his thoughts.

“I’m gonna hire the coaching staff,” he said. “There’s gonna be a certain method of how we practice and how we prepare ... certainly we’re not gonna have private individuals out there coaching. If they’re on our staff, they’ll be out there.”

Neither Wilson nor Heaps have commented, but when the topic was discussed on ESPN’s “First Take Tuesday,” Heaps liked a tweet by NFL veteran Will Blackmon that read, “Ya’ll really think Russ is gonna be that bothered that he can’t have his private coach with him, when he now has the man who coached his favorite QB in Drew Brees For 15 seasons? ... People need to relax.”