Republican Sen. Mitt Romney agreed to have a book written about his experiences in American politics by Atlantic writer McKay Coppins.

Axios reported that Romney has spent hours in interviews with Coppins and has shared hundreds of texts, emails and diary entries with the reporter for the book.

Coppins announced on Twitter that the book will be called “Romney: A Reckoning” and will be published Oct. 24.

According to the book description, “this book offers a rare, portrait of a politician who in recent years has been at the center of our nation’s most defining political dramas.”

What McKay Coppins said about the Romney biography

Coppins and Romney are both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Coppins has reported on Romney since his run for the presidency in 2012.

“I’ve been covering Sen. Romney for more than a decade,” Coppins told Axios. “... When I approached him two years ago about writing this biography, I told him it would only work if he was ready to be completely forthcoming. ... He acted like it was a dare. I was astonished by his level of candor.”

In February 2022, Coppins spoke with Romney about Russia soon after Russia invaded Ukraine. Romney had warned that America’s biggest geopolitical threat at the time was Russia since his presidential campaign in 2012.

“Freedom is a rare appearance on the historical map of the world, and requires extraordinary, extraordinary vigilance and effort to preserve it,” Romney told Coppins in The Atlantic.