Editor’s note: This article was published on March 22, 2023. It has been updated.

Thursday is National Fried Chicken Day. To celebrate, here are some of the best fried chicken restaurants in Utah.

Salt Lake City has some great fried chicken restaurants — whether you are looking for a classic type of sandwich or are interested in branching out to try something that’s a little out of the box, there are options for that, too.

Fried chicken is a broad category. It includes restaurants who specialize in sandwiches as well as restaurants that lean more into the drumsticks and thighs. Regardless, there are some great restaurants that have unique twists on fried chicken.

‘As raw as it gets’: Pretty Bird owner reveals what it was like competing on ‘Chefs vs. Wild’

Curry Fried Chicken

Located in Salt Lake City, Curry Fried Chicken is unlike any other fried chicken you’ve had before. Like the name implies, the chicken is seasoned with curry and comes with Middle Eastern flavored sides like hummus and pita. The chicken is crispy and the meat is tender. This place is a great gem to try. My favorite thing about it was how unexpectedly well all of the flavors blended together and created a delicious chicken plate. I recommend getting the basic plate option here.

Pretty Bird

Pretty Bird has locations in Salt Lake County and Park City. The menu here is pretty limited, but that’s because what the restaurant does, it does extremely well. The fried chicken sandwich here has fresh and crunchy coleslaw on top (it’s not overdressed in the slightest) and the chicken is thick and juicy. The Pretty Bird sauce is the real winner. It tastes like it was freshly made just for you and is a fantastic option. The fries here are crinkle cut, which is not my optimal cut of fry, but I still rather like them. They are salty and fresh.

‘As raw as it gets’: Pretty Bird owner reveals what it was like competing on ‘Chefs vs. Wild’

Lovebirds Hot Chicken

Located in Utah County, Lovebirds Hot Chicken has great fried chicken sandwiches. The Nash is my favorite. It’s not too spicy, but it has a little of zing to it, which makes it the perfect companion to an icy Diet Coke. Here, you can also get a fried chicken sandwich that has an egg on it. This combination is surprisingly quite good. The sauce here is fantastic, which makes this restaurant a go-to. For sides, the homemade scones or the waffle fries are great options.

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird has locations in Provo, Ogden, Clearfield and Riverton. The fried chicken sandwiches here are big and filling. The chicken is seasoned so well and the pickles are a little thicker than pickle slices that you typically get at restaurants, which adds a great crunch and texture to the sandwich. The eponymic Dirty Bird sandwich has pimento cheese and it’s many people’s favorite. I’ve gone for the classic sandwich and added hot honey or buffalo sauce to it, which has been great. The fries come seasoned, which adds a nice touch, and if you can, split the banana pudding with a friend for dessert. It’s fantastic.

Station 22

Located in Provo, Station 22 is a fantastic little restaurant located on Center Street. The vibes here are immaculate. You walk in and it immediately feels hip and trendy, then you notice the wall of different glass-bottled sodas and it seems even cooler. Chicken and waffles here is a popular dish. If you go for dinner, I recommend getting the classic fried chicken entree option and getting a side of the Brussels sprouts. The chicken here is thick and juicy, and goes well with the potatoes.

Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen

Located in Salt Lake City, Sauce Boss has some of the best food in the state. The fried chicken here is perfectly seasoned and cooked, and their sides are amazing. The breading on the chicken is seasoned well and it sticks to the chicken, making every bite crunchy and tender. The corn, fries, mashed potato and golden splendor are among some of the best sides at the restaurant. The house lemonade is a must get while you’re here and it goes great with all the food.

Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade

This restaurant has locations in Salt Lake County and Utah County, and is well-recognized for its limeade (which is great) as well as the fried chicken. If you go here, this is the type of restaurant to go for any dish that involves the fried chicken and biscuits. The biscuits are buttery and practically melt in your mouth while the fried chicken is classically seasoned and complements the biscuits in that way. The chicken isn’t going to be spicy, which makes it a good option for those who have a low spice tolerance.