If you’ve ever filled out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament, chances are fair that you’re familiar with unique ways that people decide how to fill theirs out.

After all, choosing based on which mascots would win in a fight or letting your toddler make the picks is probably just as effective as listening to informed analysis on the matter.

The Utah State Aggies must surely hope that’s the case when it comes to a dog from Mississippi.

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Earlier this week, Twitter user Landon Jimerson, who works for the Mississippi State athletic department but calls himself an “avid TCU fan,” posted on Twitter that his dog Lola “filled out her first March Madness Bracket today using treats to help predict games.”

He added, “She’s rocking with @USUBasketball #AggiesAllTheWay

Jimerson didn’t spell out exactly what Lola’s process was, but nevertheless, she has the 10-seed Aggies beating the 5-seed Miami Hurricanes in the national championship game on April 3.

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Besides beating Missouri in Thursday’s first round, Lola has Utah State beating Princeton in the second round (after a major upset of Arizona) and then some of the nation’s elite programs in Baylor, Virginia and Duke in the next three rounds to meet the Hurricanes.

As you can imagine, a couple of Twitter accounts connected with Utah State Athletics were quite pleased with the bracket.

Utah State and Missouri are slated to tip off at 11:40 a.m. MDT Thursday in Sacramento.