Utah Sen. Mike Lee is on the organizing committee for a new international organization that aims to provide an alternative to the World Economic Forum, the organization that holds a yearly conference for the economic and political elite in Davos, Switzerland.

The organization, The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, was formed by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian author and former psychology professor, and a group of over 30 politicians, business leaders, scholars and social commentators from across the globe.

The early members appear to primarily come from conservative or center-right circles. They include former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks, and entrepreneur and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. 

Other U.S. politicians involved include two other Republicans, Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson.

In an episode of his podcast, Peterson spoke about the genesis of the new project, which he said he announced in January on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The organization is looking at ways to balance global development, environmental stewardship and human flourishing, Peterson said.

The organization is also looking at the role of the family in global development, said Peterson.

In a statement on the organization’s launch, Lee said ARC is “striving to create” a “positive future filled with hope and optimism.”

“The story of our world doesn’t have to be merely one of ongoing decline or a tense, permanent crisis,” he said. “In fact, humanity is in a better place than ever before; we have more wealth and health, more resources and capabilities. We are in a position to make our lives even better, as long as we are wise with our current abundance.”

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On his Substack, Winston Marshall, a former member of the band Mumford and Sons, who is also on ARC’s organizing committee, said he views the project as an “opportunity to galvanise a generation adrift.”

Co-founder of ARC, British Baroness Philippa Stroud, wrote in an op-ed in The Telegraph that the group’s mission “is to create a community that is committed to providing a positive and hope-filled vision for the future.”

“We will explore ways that genuinely open markets can be fostered to create prosperity for all, including those ‘left behind’ by globalisation. And we will consider the role families and communities have to play in the 21st century,” Stroud said in a statement.

The organization said it will hold an inaugural conference in London in late 2023.