On Thursday, Ancestry announced a new service called “Storymaker Studio,” a “one-stop destination to create, tell, preserve and share your family history stories” by uploading voice recordings, editing and enhancing photos and all-new story prompts.

Ancestry has placed a heavy emphasis on historical documents in the past — with over 40 billion records available to its 3 million subscribers — but the new changes will be more focused on personal family stories that are shareable and connect users worldwide.

“Historical records and family trees are the cornerstone of genealogy research, showing moments of times and the relationships between people in several generations of a family,” said Ancestry corporate genealogist Crista Cowan. “Yet all of us know they are so much more than that. They capture love stories, triumphs, struggles and bravery — the stories of our family and heritage. They are the blueprint of what makes us, us.”

Here’s the breakdown of the new tech to expect on the Ancestry.com site and the app.

Voice recording feature

Voice recording options will allow users to record and upload stories about ancestors in their own voice and make it accessible to others who view the person’s history.

Story prompts

Get access to story prompts that allow you to upload a photo and a story, in order to add to an expanding online network of your family’s experiences.

An enhanced photo experience

Photo tagging allows users to identify their family members in photos and add descriptions with either voice or written memos describing the background of the photo.

The new capability will also allow users to crop, edit, colorize and restore their ancestor’s old photographs with ease and precision.

Ancestry is partnered with FamilySearch, which hosts RootsTech — the world’s largest family history conference which officially started Thursday morning and runs until Saturday.