It’s fantastic that the Great Salt Lake was one of Gov. Spencer Cox’s top legislative priorities this past session. I hope it will continue to be next year. And as part of that effort, I hope he will reconsider the value of setting a target elevation for the lake.

It is true, as the governor stated, that setting a target elevation does not get a single drop of water to the lake. But it is one of the pieces of information needed in deciding how many drops of water (OK, acre-feet) we need to get to the lake. Which in turn tells us how far we’ve come with the actions the Legislature has taken the past two years, and how far we still need to go.

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We shouldn’t be afraid of having a goal. It isn’t a mandate to achieve it in a single year. It doesn’t keep us from thinking about other important factors, such as cost. It is a way of telling ourselves if we’re making significant progress, or falling short. We’ll never hit our target if we don’t know what we’re shooting at.

Steve Glaser