Are you a fan of dinosaurs? A giant skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus rex is going on auction if you have a few million dollars to spare.

Experts speculate it will go for around $5.43 million when it goes on auction in Zurich, Switzerland, on April 18, CNN reported.

Why is the T. rex skeleton named TRX-293 Trinity?

“The name of this skeleton is ‘Trinity’, because it’s built out of three individuals and all were found in the U.S.,” Cyril Koller, owner of the auction house conducting the sale, told CNN.

The skeleton “dates back 67 million years,” Republic World reported.

The numbers 293 go back to the 293 bones it has in its skeletal structure, per Reuters.

Who will buy the T. rex skeleton?

A private buyer will most likely purchase the T. rex skeleton, but Koller believes the public will still likely get an opportunity to see it at some point, per CNN.

“It’s not a cast or a copy, it’s the original. And there are very few, very few,” Hans Jacob-Siber, a paleontologist for the Aathal Dinosaur Museum, told Reuters. “In fact, until about 1970 or 1980, there used to be less than a dozen Tyrannosaurus, most of them were already in United States’ museums.”