BROOKLYN — The Utah Jazz were so close to getting a win.

Frankly, the Brooklyn Nets gave the Jazz every chance to walk out of Barclays Center Sunday with a W, but the Jazz weren’t able to get one final shot to fall.

In his walk-off interview, Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie said what every player was probably thinking.

“Honestly man, we got lucky,” Dinwiddie said. “I ain’t gonna lie to you, we’ve got to play better.”

In the final 14 seconds, the Nets missed 3 of 4 free throw attempts, letting the Jazz get back into the game with a chance to win it at the end.

But the final possession ended up being a wonky one for the Jazz.

Off a Seth Curry missed free throw, Lauri Markkanen came up with the rebound, but he was off balance and the Jazz didn’t have any timeouts left.

“I reached for the rebound and I felt like I lost my balance a little bit,” Markkanen said. “I didn’t want to get called for a travel and I didn’t know if somebody was coming behind to reach in, so I didn’t want to put it on the floor either.

“I was leaning back a little bit and we wanted to get a shot up to try to get a look for the win, so I figured it’s more safe to kind of push the ball.”

Markkanen passed the ball up to Kelly Olynyk, but because Markkanen was off balance in the backcourt, the Jazz were playing four-on-five and Olynyk didn’t have any easy passes as he was surrounded by black jerseys.

So Olynyk ended up taking a one-legged weird shot at the buzzer, which was way off.

Another missed opportunity.

The Western Conference

The teams that are around the Jazz keep on making it so the Jazz still have a glimmer of hope of making it into the play-in tournament.

As I write this, the Dallas Mavericks have just lost to the Atlanta Hawks in overtime and the Oklahoma City Thunder are trailing the Phoenix Suns.

The Jazz, 12th in the West, are a half game behind the Mavericks and two games behind the Thunder who currently sit at 10th, the final play-in spot. If the Thunder lose, the Jazz would just be one-and-a-half games behind them.

The Jazz only have four games left this season, and even though one of them is against the Thunder, the Jazz would have to pull ahead of them since the Thunder would hold the tiebreakers over the Jazz.

What’s crazy is that there are just four games left and it still feels like this could all come down to the final game of the season.

The Jazz are headed home to play the Los Angeles Lakers in Salt Lake City, and then they will play the Thunder, the Denver Nuggets and the Lakers again.

That’s what’s left between the Jazz and the end of the season.

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Mr. Whammy

If you don’t know who Mr. Whammy is, it’s worth just googling his name and reading one of the many articles that have been written about him, including this one that was written earlier this year.

The short version is that he is an adorable, 87-year-old superfan of the Nets who stands at the baseline during every opponent free throw trying to make them miss with his hand waving and yelling.

His wife, Mrs. Whammy (they both wear jerseys with the names on the back), sits with him at every game.

Here’s the thing — the Nets are league leaders in lowest opponent free throw percentage.

“All credit to Mr. Whammy,” Dinwiddie said, before suggesting that Nets owner Joe Tsai should pay for dinner for Mr. Whammy, or maybe even pay his mortgage or rent.

I’m not saying that Mr. Whammy is the reason for the Nets holding opponents to a lower free throw percentage, but I’m not not saying that either. And it’s a fun bit!

The Nets game operations put up the statistic on the jumbo screen during the game and called it the “Mr. Whammy Stat” before showing the man himself and the whole crowd applauded.

There’s just some stuff in the NBA worth celebrating even when they’re a little quirky and weird.