Three Democratic Tennessee House legislators faced expulsion from the House Thursday, and a two-third majority of the House voted to oust two of those lawmakers.

The Republican-controlled House voted to expel Rep. Justin Jones by a 72-25 vote and Rep. Justin Pearson by a 69-26 vote. Rep. Gloria Johnson was not expelled, receiving a 65-30 vote — one vote shy of expulsion.

The Tennessee House “has voted only twice to oust a lawmaker” in modern history. One bipartisan vote was to vote out a lawmaker convicted of soliciting a bribe and the other bipartisan vote involved a House majority whip who was facing sexual misconduct allegations during his time in office, The New York Times reported.

When asked about voting to expel the lawmaker accused of misconduct in 2019, Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton told WPLN, “You have to balance the will of the voters and overturning the will of the voters.”

Why were the three Democratic lawmakers facing expulsion?

What put Rep. Jones, Rep. Pearson and Rep. Johnson up for expulsion?

Following the March 27 Nashville shooting at The Covenant School that killed six people, including three 9-year-old children, Tennessee lawmakers turned their attention to strengthening school security.

The Thursday after the shooting, hundreds of people marched to the State Capitol in Tennessee to demand action for stricter gun laws. The three representatives faced expulsion “for taking to the front of the House and chanting back and forth with gun control supporters who packed the gallery” at that time, The Associated Press reported.

The three Democrats “interrupted the legislature by chanting ‘No action, no peace’ on the House floor. Legislative proceedings were forced to a halt,” per The Times.

According to AP News, Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton said the three would “face consequences,” saying he did not want them “to set a new precedent for breaking decorum.”

Soon after, the following Monday, three Republican state representatives requested resolutions in hopes to “formally expel each of the three Democrats.” The resolutions, written by Reps. Andrew Farmer, Gino Bulso and Bud Hulsey, claimed that the representatives “did knowingly and intentionally bring disorder and dishonor” to the legislature, The Times reported.

To be expelled, there must be a two-thirds vote in favor of expulsion in a 99-seat house — the House reached that threshold to oust Jones and Pearson but were just short with Johnson.

Before the vote, Pearson told ABC News, “the people elected us, not our colleagues. That is not the status quo. None of us expected that we had broken a rule that could lead to our expulsion.”