A group of shareholders is suing Adidas for not being warned or made aware of Kanye West’s antisemitic and “extreme behavior.”

USA Today reported that the lawsuit was filed on Friday “in federal court in Oregon,” and investors claimed that the company “was aware of Ye’s problematic behavior and failed to take precautionary measures to limit financial losses if the partnership were to end.”

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Why is this important? The Wall Street Journal reported that the lawsuit alleges that the former CEO of Adidas, Kasper Rorsted, and the chief financial officer of the company, Harm Ohlmeyer, were responsible for spreading “false and misleading statements about Adidas’s relationship with Mr. West, who legally changed his name to Ye.”

The Deseret News reported that among other antisemitic statements during an interview with Alex Jones in December, Ye said, “I like Hitler.”

In 2018, Ye reportedly “suggested slavery was a ‘choice,’” according to ABC News.

The brand had reportedly cut ties with Ye back in October after the leak of antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews, and the company released a statement that Adidas “does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech,” according to the Seattle Times.

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Details to note: “Adidas was aware of his behavior, and failed to warn investors that it was aware of that behavior, and had considered ending the partnership as a result of it,” the lawsuit claims. “Adidas failed to take meaningful precautionary measures to limit negative financial exposure if the partnership were to end as a result of West’s behavior.”

The BBC reported that Ye is not a part of the lawsuit that could cost the company close to $800 million.

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What was the response? Vice president of external communication at Adidas, Claudia Lange, reportedly wrote in an email, “We outright reject these unfounded claims and will take all necessary measures to vigorously defend ourselves against them.”