With the Title 42 border policy expiring at midnight on Thursday, false information has led thousands more migrants than usual to the Mexico and U.S. border, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Many hopeful immigrants have camped along the U.S. and Mexico border as an upward trend of migration has been identified over the last week, per CNN. Many sit in makeshift tents and suffer high midday temperatures.

“Even after nearly two years of preparation, we expect to see large numbers of encounters at our southern border in the days and weeks after May 11 — we are already seeing high numbers of encounters in certain sectors,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said, per CNN. “This places an incredible strain on our personnel, our facilities and our communities, with whom we partner closely.”

DHS blamed smugglers for drawing people to the border with lies, claiming that the end of Title 42 would make entering the United States easier.

DHS launched an ad campaign that emphasizes that Title 8, which will take effect upon Title 42’s end, is “tougher” and enforces consequences for crossing illegally. An explainer video posted in a thread by the organization on social media tries to dispel any misunderstanding of an “open border.”

“We are making it very clear that our border is not open, crossing irregularly is against the law, and that those who are not eligible for relief will be quickly returned,” said Mayorkas in a statement, “Do not listen to the lies of the smugglers. This is what will happen to you. You will be returned.”

Nearby border states are worried about the overwhelming influx of migrants, as officials said that they expect many more immigrants to be at the border as time passes, per CNN. More than 550 U.S. troops, mostly from the Army, were sent to fortify the border and assist Border Control by monitoring and providing data entry, in addition to 1,500 troops sent to the border earlier this month.

The end of Title 42: How U.S. border states are responding

On Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott deployed a new Texas Tactical Border Force composed of hundreds to assist and prepare for the expected influx at the border.

“The Texas National Guard is loading Blackhawk helicopters and C-130s and deploying specially trained soldiers for the Texas Tactical Border Force, who will be deployed to hotspots all along the border to help intercept and repel large groups of migrants trying to enter Texas illegally,” said Abbott in a statement Monday. “The Texas Tactical Border Force will bolster our Operation Lone Star efforts to secure the Texas border amid the chaos.”