“The Chosen” had a strong premiere on CW on Sunday.

The show brought in 520,000 viewers and had “a far mightier audience than, say, ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘The Rising’ have been averaging this summer,” Matt Mitovich wrote for TV Line.

By comparison, “Nancy Drew” has consistently brought in around 400,000 viewers for each episode this summer, per TV Series Finale. And “Riverdale” has hovered around 200,000 viewers per episode this spring and summer.

Will the actors strike impact ‘The Chosen’ season 4 release date?

This means “The Chosen” is rated at 0.1, according to TV Line. The show premiered at the first episode of the first season. The first three seasons will air each Sunday and will wrap up around Christmastime.

“‘The Chosen’ is based on the biggest IP (intellectual property) of all time and is truly a one-of-a-kind series that tells this historically significant story in a captivating, dramatic and premium way,” CW president of entertainment Brad Schwartz said in a statement, per The Hollywood Reporter. “This show has already connected deeply with viewers around the world, and The CW will expand its audience even further.”

“So, here’s where you might expect the cynical TV critic to roll his eyes and tell you ‘The Chosen is just for the faithful, but you’d be wrong. It’s a generally well-done production with solid writing and acting, and costumes and set pieces that actually manage to not look chintzy,” TV critic Joel Keller wrote for Decider. “What Jenkins has done with the show is make the story of Jesus accessible to the faithful and non-faithful alike by concentrating on the characters of the story and making them real people.”

Where is ‘The Chosen’ streaming?

“The Chosen” is available for streaming on The Chosen app and the Angel app. The first season is available on Netflix. The show is also available to watch on BYUtv.

When does ‘The Chosen’ Season 4 release?

Season 4 of “The Chosen” will release in 2024. The exact date is unknown.