Following his announcement of a Twitter rebrand, Elon Musk decided to showcase its new brand symbol — a bright, electric “X” — on top of what was formerly Twitter headquarters in San Francisco Friday.

The sign is being investigated. The city filed a complaint, noting the company didn’t have the permit required to put up a new sign, according to The Associated Press.

The New York Times reported that Patrick Hannan, a spokesman for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, said in a statement on Sunday, “A building permit is required to make sure the sign is structurally sound and installed safely.”

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Issues with the sign

CBS News said that an inspector spoke with representatives from the social media company and building maintenance engineer representatives who declined the city’s access to the sign and “said that it’s ‘a temporary lighted sign for an event.’”

Hannan said earlier this week, “Any replacement letters or symbols would require a permit to ensure ‘consistency with the historic nature of the building’ and to make sure additions are safely attached to the sign,” per The Associated Press.

Matt Dorsey, the District 6 supervisor who represents the city region where the headquarters is located, told The New York Times, “I would like to sort of extend an olive branch.

“I think there’s a lot of people in city government who would welcome the opportunity to work with a large employer like X, and let’s figure out what we’re going to do with the sign, but we can have a good productive partnership with a city employer,” Dorsey told the Times.

On Monday, workers who were removing the old Twitter sign and logo from the headquarters were stopped by police because no notice was given ahead of time and “no safety measures were taken to prevent falling objects from hitting pedestrians,” Politico said.

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X, the new Twitter

The Deseret News has previously reported Musk’s announcement about the changed logo and said it’s uncertain what the new look will be for the social media platform.

Other changes being made for X, formerly known as Twitter, include “limiting the number of posts users can view a day and requiring users to pay for the blue check mark formerly indicative of verification,” Politico said.

Musk said, “In the months to come, we will add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct your entire financial world,” per CBS News.  

Concerning the app icon, the company changed the iOS logo for X from a bird to an X, but a minimum of two characters is required for the app name to change, Insider said.