If you are a fan of Sriracha sauce — and especially if the sauce is a staple on your table — you’ve probably noticed there’s a specific brand that isn’t easily found on the market right now.

The Huy Fong Foods brand of Sriracha sauce, one of the most consumed brands of Sriracha, has been facing a shortage for the last three years. Here’s a look at how it happened.

Utah’s most popular hot sauce is ...

How did the sriracha shortage happen?

Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha hot sauce — the one in the green-capped bottle with the rooster label — has been facing a shortage of its main ingredient, jalapeno chili peppers, since July 2020, per CNBC.

Huy Fong Foods reiterated this in a statement to customers last year, attributing the shortage to weather conditions affecting the quality of the peppers.

A change in Huy Fong Foods’ supplier is also likely contributing to the shortage. According to CNBC, Huy Fong Foods sued its previous supplier, Underwood Ranches, claiming it overpaid for the 2016 season crop. In return, Underwood Ranches countersued. 

Besides baby formula, what else is in very short supply?

“In the end, Craig Underwood won a $23 million judgment from a jury that was in Ventura County, in his backyard. But he also had to pay David Tran back the $1.5 million that Huy Fong says they overpaid,” CNBC special correspondent Jane Wells told CNBC.

How much does it cost for a bottle of Sriracha sauce now?

According to CNN, a 17-ounce bottle of sauce usually costs around $5. But as of Aug. 25, a 2-pack of the same bottle costs as much as $50 on Amazon, $49.95 via the Walmart app, or $54.99 on eBay — before taxes and shipping.

Where can you get Sriracha?

According to The New York Times, “Makers of hot sauce also emphasize that Sriracha is a type of sauce rather than a spice or a pepper. Since so many people equate Huy Fong with Sriracha, it may seem as if there’s a worldwide shortage of the sauce. There’s not.“

In a study the online grocery delivery service Instacart conducted last year, Huy Fong’s Sriracha was the most popular hot sauce in 31 states, the Deseret News reported.

The sauce can be found at Amazon, Walmart and other online vendors, and in a few stores that still carry the product around the country. Other brands of Sriracha sauce don’t seem to be affected by the shortage and have normal stocks, per The New York Times.

Can you make Sriracha at home?

If you are lucky enough to find chili pepper, here is a recipe of Sriracha sauce you can try making at home: