On Thursday the Utah Jazz announced a multi-year jersey patch deal with LiveView Technologies (LVT).

After six seasons of wearing a 5 For The Fight patch — space that was donated to 5 For The Fight by Qualtrics, a company cofounded by Ryan Smith, who now is the principle owner of the Jazz — the team will now don the logo of LVT, a Utah-based security and surveillance technology company that is headquartered in American Fork.

5 For The Fight retires Utah Jazz jersey patch

“We could not be happier to partner with another growing Utah-built company like LVT that shares our commitment to community,” Jazz owner Ryan Smith said in a press release. “As our partnership with 5 For The Fight evolves into its next phase, we’re excited to feature the LVT logo on our jerseys and continue using that prominent space to celebrate the innovative, hard-working mindset that Utah is all about.”

Jersey sponsorship on uniforms is a relatively new development in North American sports. Although fans of soccer, especially international soccer, have long been familiar with sponsor logos appearing on players’ uniforms, the 2023-24 season marks just the seventh year for the NBA participating in the practice.

Beginning in the 2017-18 season, NBA teams have been permitted to have one partner logo appear on the left shoulder, opposite the Nike logo, on the front of their jersey.