It’s been four years since the inaugural season for girls wrestling in Utah and for the fourth year in a row it was Mountain Crest that stood alone at the top of 4A with yet another girls wrestling state championship.

The Mustangs took the win with a 266 point total, Bear River took second with a team total of 234 and Uintah took third with 219.

It was a big night for Mountain Crest head coach Susan Dart who not only led her team to another state championship but also won the 4A coach of the year award.

“It’s unreal. We’ve had a tough season,” said Dart. “We lost a lot of our best wrestlers to injury and we only had one (individual) state champ. It took our entire team getting one or two wins. It took the whole team to make it happen this year.”

“It takes a lot of girls and a lot of amazing coaches. I have the best coaching staff around and our girls are just awesome. They come and have a good experience and tell other girls, ‘You should come wrestle.’ We have over 60 girls wrestling and that’s what it takes.”

Brooke Keller won the only individual state championship for Mountain Crest with a win over Bear River’s Rylie Smith.

“It all comes with a little bit of motivation but it’s the grit of our team,” said Keller. “The coaches can push us to try our best and give it our all but it’s us that really drives that. I know we are gritty and ready to work, I love my team.”

For Bear River, Eve Allsup took her second consecutive state title with a win over Stansbury’s Alize Acosta.

“It feels so good. Coming into the state tournament it was my goal to place top three. I just kept going and going. I just told myself that I wasn’t going to fool around or take any risks. I got up there and took my second title,” said Allsup.

Tooele’s Lindsey Hansen had an emotional win over Ridgeline’s returning individual state champion Keagan Grange.

“I don’t know how to express how grateful I am to just be here and be able to enjoy this,” said Hansen. “A big thing for me is I just don’t want to ever quit.”

Class 4A state tournament

At Utah Valley University

Team scores

  1. Mountain Crest, 266
  2. Bear River, 234
  3. Uintah, 219
  4. Jordan, 150.5
  5. Mountain View, 140.5
  6. Stansbury, 140
  7. Ridgeline, 127
  8. Tooele, 89.5

Individual Results

100 — 1. Kenna McCauley, Uintah; 2. Addilyn Baxter, Mountain Crest; 3. Hannah Sanders, Mountain Crest; 4. Avarey Dortch, Stansbury; 5. Hadley Carrigan, Bear River; 6. Sydnee Walton, Ridgeline.

105 — 1. Sadie Rhoades, Uintah; 2. Abbey West, Jordan; 3. Amelia Choate, Mountain Crest; 4. Aidyn Sharp, Uintah; 5. Elise Millsap, Desert Hills; 6. Gracie Meeds, Bear River.

110 — 1. Lindsey Hansen, Tooele; 2. Keagan Grange, Ridgeline. 3. Skylynn Thompsen, Bear River; 4. Shelby Bevan, Mountain Crest. 5. Jasmine Golavar, Mountain View; 6. Lacy Greer, Provo.

115 — 1. Chanley Green, Uintah; 2. Quinci Smith, Crimson Cliffs; 3. Makenzi McCoy, Mountain View; 4. Kate Bunce, Bear River; 5. Kinley Seale, Ridgeline; 6. Taileigh Lujan, Uintah.

120 - 1. Rachel Epling, Bear River; 2. Addison Hills, Green Canyon; 3. Julissa Miranda, Tooele; 4. Abigail Pray, Park City; 5. Jennacee Harrison, Uintah; 6. Jada Sim, Mountain View.

125 — 1. Sydnie Dick, Uintah; 2. Sophia Johnson, Orem; 3. Janessa Esquivel, Bear River; 4. Sheyla Hawley, Mountain View; 5. Kacie Jean Nicholes, Stansbury; 6. Sammi Smith, Crimson Cliffs.

130 — 1. Isla Baeza, Mountain View; 2. Ella Reynolds, Provo; 3. Citlalli Islas, Jordan; 4. Erin Smith, Mountain Crest; 5. Daniela Martinez, Stansbury; 6. Anna Van Huss, Mountain Crest.

135 — 1. Nia Hagler, Snow Canyon; 2. Noa Omessi, Park City; 3. Madeline Woolstenhulme, Mountain Crest; 4. Kortnee Selin, Ridgeline; 5. Natalie Southard, Park City; Riley Hansen, Tooele.

140 — 1. Lucy Harris, Desert Hills; 2. Valeria Espinoza Morales, Jordan; 3. Taya Crookston, Ridgeline; 4. Anabrie Chlarson, Tooele; 5. Gianna Makaafi, Stansbury; 6. Jeanine Field, Snow Canyon.

145 — 1. Sav Smith, Park City; 2. Taiana Palmer, Cedar City; 3. Lily Pomeroy, Pine View; 4. Addyson Vidal, Jordan; 5. Georgina Decasa, Dixie; 6. Catherine Fitzgerald, Sky View.

155 — 1. Taylor Hilton, Jordan; 2. Abigail Acosta, Stansbury; 3. Kambre Wilhelm, Uintah; 4. Rhees Hatch, Bear River; 5. Bree West, Crimson Cliffs; 6. Payton Graham, Snow Canyon.

170 — 1. Eve Allsup, Bear River; 2. Alize Acosta, Stansbury; 3. Gracie Howard, Mountain Crest; 4. Darrynn Matagi, Mountain View; 5. Madison Beckstead, Uintah; 6. Jorilyn Herzog, Green Canyon.

190 — 1. Brooke Keller, Mountain Crest; 2. Rylie Smith, Bear River; 3. Sydnee Nielson, Bear River. 4. Anna Trevizo, Logan; 5. Yazmin Manjarrez, Green Canyon; 6. Megan Allred, Snow Canyon.

235 — 1. Cheyenne Ruiz, Murray; 2. Angie Aguilar, Stansbury; 3. Arianah Cowgur, Jordan; 4. Rachael Godfrey, Mountain Crest; 5. Jerri Togiai, Cedar City; 6. Jessica Jackson, Snow Canyon.