After the opening day of competition Friday at the 3A boys and girls state wrestling tournament in Richfield, Juab’s boys are in a good spot in their pursuit of an eighth-straight state championship, while Canyon View’s girls are closing in on their first-ever wrestling title.

Juab’s boys advanced 14 wrestlers into semifinals as they lead second-place South Summit 125 to 117. South Summit has 10 wrestlers who will compete in the semis, which get under at the Sevier Valley Center at 9:30 a.m. The finals are slated for 3:30 p.m.

Juab’s current streak of seven straight state titles is tied with Delta (2009-2015) and Pleasant Grove (1991-1997) for the fourth-longest streak in state history.

Delta owns both the third-longest state championship streak (1974-1981) and second-longest (1985-1993). The state record is held by Brighton, which won 11 straight state championships from 1978-1988.

Juab has two wrestlers who are seeking a state title repeat on Saturday, Rowdey Peterson and Hayden Park, each of who won their first round and quarterfinal matches on Friday.

Five other 3A boys wrestlers are seeking a repeat: Emery’s Monty Christensen, South Summit’s Bryce Pulver, Union’s Tucker Roybal, South Summit’s Ben Smith and Manti’s Dallin Sweat.

For the girls, Grantsville is the two-time 3A state champion, but it’s got some work to do to make it three straight.

Canyon View had a great opening day of competition and leads Grantsville 112 to 95 heading into Saturday’s final day of competition.

Both teams have 12 wrestlers who will be competing in the semifinals, including who each who is chasing an individual 3-peat: Grantsville’s Hailey Broderick (155) and Canyon View’s Tilisa Matakaiongo (190).

Three additional wrestlers are looking to repeat as state champs: Canyon View’s Julia Kay (115), Union’s Evie Davidson (130) and Grantsville’s Nikkole Dong (125).

3A boys state tournament

At Sevier Valley Center

Team scores after Day 1

  1. Juab, 125
  2. South Summit, 117
  3. Morgan, 98
  4. Union, 83.5
  5. Canyon View, 79
  6. Delta, 67
  7. North Sanpete, 47
  8. Emery, 39.5

Saturday’s semifinals


  • Decker Ford, Juab vs. Carter Wardell, Morgan
  • Evan Centeno, Ben Lomond vs. Chase Sorensen, North Sanpete


  • Durke Larsen, Manti vs. Krew King, North Sanpete
  • Monty Christiansen, Emery vs. Grady Roybal, Union


  • Ladd Holman, Juab vs. Bryce Pulver, South Summit
  • Ryler Jorgensen, Morgan vs. Drake Johnson, Juab


  • Rowdey Peterson, Juab vs. Gunner Klingler, South Summit
  • Cody Dyches, North Sanpete vs. Kage Bunker, Delta


  • Cooper Blackett, Juab vs. Brax Tapia, Carbon
  • Luke Woolsey, Morgan vs. Cole Cavalieri, Canyon View


  • Hayden Park, Juab vs. Jhet Shepherd, Juab
  • Zane Winter, South Summit vs. Kabryn Whiting, Union


  • Garrett Perry, Juab vs. Drexton Torgerson, Richfield
  • Drew Korth, Morgan vs. Brandon Mora, South Summit


  • Tucker Roybal, Union vs. Kayden Lynn, Juab
  • Justus Reynolds, Juab vs. Kash Nelson, Delta


  • Nathan Nicoll, Canyon View vs. Zach Powell, Grantsville
  • Jayson Rodriguez, South Summit vs. Preston Aagard, Juab


  • Alex Cawley, Canyon View vs. Jonathan Jewkes, Carbon
  • Ben Smith, South Summit vs. Denver Cloward, Union


  • Benedict Holthaus, Juab vs. Trevin Davis, Union
  • Ryker Woodward, South Summit vs. Krew Galbraith, Morgan


  • Deagan Davis, Union vs. Oscar Dominguez, South Summit
  • Zak Sargent, Morgan vs. Kelan Layton, Manti


  • Dallin Sweat, Manti vs. Brady Freeman, South Summit
  • Treyson Rich, Morgan vs. Marc Richardson, Canyon View


  • Ty Blackburn, Juab vs. Coleman Thorson, Richfield
  • Trayvn Boger, South Summit vs. Aisea Hosea, Juab

3A girls state tournament

At Sevier Valley Center

Team scores after Day 1

  1. Canyon View, 112
  2. Grantsville, 95
  3. Juab, 69
  4. Union, 67
  5. Richfield, 54
  6. carbon, 39
  7. North Sanpete, 36
  8. Manti, 25

Saturday’s semifinals


  • Rhylee Clark, Grantsville vs. Kabree Duncan, Union
  • Isabella Bobrowsky, South Summit vs. Mayra Castillo, Canyon View


  • Aliyah Zedicher, Manti vs. Brynlee Lauritzen, Canyon View
  • Autumn Evans, Providence Hall vs. Emily Shoemaker, Juab


  • Sophia Camargo, Grantsville vs. Andelynn Stephensen, Juab
  • Kristie Jensen, Canyon View vs. Arlie Jensen, Grantsville


  • Journey Toomey, North Sanpete vs. Abbigail Olsen, Providence Hall
  • Julia Kay, Canyon View vs. Braydee Winterton, Union


  • Skyley Hanna, Juan Diego vs. Marley Castaneda, Canyon View
  • Kyra Pay, Juab vs. Bailey Rainer, Grantsville


  • Nikkole Dong, Grantsville vs. Brooklyn Barney, Canyon View
  • Addison Johnson, Juab vs. Carolina Bohman, South Summit


  • Evie Davidson, Union vs. Kaydence Udy, Richfield
  • Tashra Pay, Juab vs. Hannah Miller, Grantsville


  • Jaysie Abalos, Delta vs. Fortune Ward, Carbon
  • Gemma Carter, Canyon View vs. Kyra Defino, Juab


  • Chloe Critchlow, Grantsville vs. Reagan Bastian, Union
  • Samantha Reynolds, Juab vs. Alyssa Camden, Richfield


  • Olivia Richmond, North Sanpete vs. Kelsey Weaver, Canyon View
  • Danica Patey, Richfield vs. Courtney Mecham, Grantsville


  • Hailey Broderick, Grantsville vs. Sydnei Christensen, Richfield
  • Meletili Matakaiongo, Canyon View vs. Lindee Ussing, Grantsville


  • Caroline Mecham, Grantsville vs. Rickelle Collins, Carbon
  • Summerly Mikesell, Richfield vs. Kaetherin Allred, North Sanpete


  • Dahlia Silva, Union vs. Macee Ercanbrack, Juab
  • Elianna Santos-Banks, Canyon View vs. Kira Hart, Grantsville


  • Avie Hernandez, Juan Diego vs. Maitae Cardenas, Canyon View
  • Tilisa Matakaiongo, Canyon View vs. Danelynn Castro, Manti