Region 1

Farmington 65, Syracuse 56

The Farmington Phoenix (13-9) secured a 65-56 victory over the Syracuse Titans (7-16). Paul Beattie led the scoring for the Phoenix, netting a substantial 22 points. Jayden Haskell also contributed effectively, scoring 12 points including a 3-pointer. For the Titans, the leading scorer was Terik Hamblin with 14 points, two of which were 3-pointers. Joshua Godfrey added 11 points as well. Despite a strong fourth-quarter effort by the Titans, the Phoenix managed to hold onto their lead to secure the win.

Layton 75, Fremont 62

The Layton Lancers (22-1) clinched a victory against the Fremont Silverwolves (12-11) with a final score of 75-62. Dave Katoa was the leading scorer for the Lancers, netting 18 points including two 3-pointers. Mekhi Martin also made a significant contribution with 15 points, three of which were 3-pointers. Cade Tidwel added 14 points, landing four 3-pointers. For the Silverwolves, the top scorer was Hunter Hansen with 18 points, including a 3-pointer. Easton Duft and Tyler Allen equally contributed by scoring 11 points each, each making a 3-pointer.

Davis 58, Weber 50

The Davis Darts (16-7) secured a 58-50 victory over the Weber Warriors (15-8). The Darts’ top scorer was Coleman Atwater with 19 points, including three 3-pointers. Zach Fisher contributed with 14 points and two 3-pointers, while Tradon Bessinger added 13 points, which included a 3-pointer. On the Warriors’ side, Hunter Schenck emerged as the leading scorer with 19 points, including a 3-pointer. Davis managed to hold the lead for most of the game, resulting in their victory over Weber.

Region 2

Corner Canyon 65, Bingham 63

Corner Canyon’s Chargers (16-7) edged out a narrow victory against the Bingham Miners (11-12) in a thrilling 65-63 victory. Brody Kozlowski led the Chargers, scoring 26 points with an impressive five 3-pointer performance. Noah Bedinger also played a key role with 21 points, which included three 3-pointers. On the Miners’ side, Luke West put up a commendable fight scoring 23 points and making four 3-pointers while Stockton Tueller added 14 points. Despite a stronger second half by the Miners, the Chargers managed to hold on to their lead for the win.

Riverton 50, Mountain Ridge 48

After a closely contested game, Riverton managed to scrape a win against Mountain Ridge, 50-48. Zach Edwards was the highest scorer for Riverton (16-7) with 11 points, followed by Vaughn Johnson who contributed 9. For Mountain Ridge (8-15), despite strong efforts by Will Lindsay, who scored a total of 14 points, and Wyatt Syllvester and Spencer Krainich both contributing nine points each, they narrowly missed out on the win.

Herriman 66, Copper Hills 62

The Herriman Mustangs (17-5) clinched a win over Copper Hills Grizzlies (7-14) with a final score of 66-62. The night’s standout performance was from the Mustangs’ Carlo Mulford, who racked up 26 points, including four successful 3-pointers. Cale Barclay also played a pivotal role with 17 points, two of which came from beyond the arc. Despite the loss, the Grizzlies’ Isaiah Reiser recorded a team-high with 21 points, two of which were 3-pointers, while Wesley Curtis contributed 18 points, including four 3-pointers.

Region 3

American Fork 61, Skyridge 44

The American Fork Cavemen (14-8) pulled off a solid 61-44 win against the Skyridge Falcons (9-13). Blake Rawson was the top scorer for the Cavemen with 15 points, while Jared Shepherd followed closely with 12 points, including two 3-pointers. Reece Dent also contributed effectively by adding 10 points, including a 3-pointer. On the Falcons side, Jordan Kohler put on a brave show, being their top scorer with 14 points including three 3-pointers. Despite Kohler’s best efforts, the Cavemen’s stellar performance in the third quarter solidified their commanding lead.

Lehi 84, Pleasant Grove 79

In a high-scoring and closely contested game, Lehi outlasted Pleasant Grove with a final score of 84-79. Cooper Lewis had a stellar performance for Lehi (19-4), tallying 40 points including five 3-pointers. He also made significant contributions with 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 steals. Easton Hawkins and Grayson Brousseau provided additional scoring support with 14 and 13 points respectively. For Pleasant Grove (12-11), Ty Palmer led with 22 points, including four 3-pointers, and Ryker Mikkelsen added 18 points, but their impressive performances were not enough to seal the win.

Region 4

Juan Diego 75, Taylorsville 50

The Juan Diego Soaring Eagle (14-9) comfortably beat the Taylorsville Warriors (6-14) with a 75-50 victory. For Juan Diego, Luke Meyer and Caden Fenger led the score charts, both tallying 16 points, with Fenger also netting three 3-pointers. Javier Aguirre pitched in with 13 points, including a 3-pointer. The Warriors saw Logan Bertagnolli as their top scorer with 14 points and Kobe Allen following up with 11 points. Despite a good start, matching Juan Diego’s first-quarter score, the Warriors were unable to keep up with the high-scoring pace set by the Soaring Eagle.

Region 5

Bonneville 54, Northridge 49

The Bonneville Lakers (8-15) made a comeback in the fourth quarter to clinch a 54-49 victory over the Northridge Knights (10-13). Hayden Ashbridge emerged as the top scorer for the Lakers, dropping 17 points, which included four 3-pointers. Ben Tesch closely followed with 15 points, including two 3-pointers. For the Knights, Peyton Perkins led the scoring with 12 points, including one 3-pointer, and De’Quone Kennedy added 11 points. Despite leading the game after the third quarter, the Knights weren’t able to hold off the Lakers’ strong fourth-quarter comeback.

Roy 65, Box Elder 63

In a tightly contested game, Roy managed to pull off a two-point win against Box Elder with the final score 65-63. Bronson Belnap stood out as the top scorer for the Royals (11-12) with 19 points, one being a 3-pointer. Additional important contributions came from Colby Frokjer with 15 points, two of those from 3-pointers, and Dahlen Pontius who put up 14 points. Despite inspiring performances from Max Isaacson who scored 23 points, and Trevor Wilkinson and Elijah Kersey, both contributing 15 points each for Box Elder (9-14), it wasn’t enough to tilt the scales in their favor.

Viewmont 60, Clearfield 58

The Viewmont Vikings (9-14) narrowly secured a 60-58 victory over the Clearfield Falcons (6-17). The Vikings’ main contributors are Drez Jensen, Max Draper, and Kade Cannon, with each scoring 11 points. Drez Jensen made two 3-pointers while Max Draper and Kade Cannon each made three 3-pointers. For the Falcons, Chase Mcneill led the scoring spree with 16 points. Not far behind, Davis Woll contributed 11 points and landed one 3-pointer. Despite an excellent third-quarter performance by the Falcons, they were unable to secure a victory as the Vikings held onto their early lead.

Bountiful 57, Woods Cross 51

The Bountiful Redhawks (18-5) edged out a victory against the Woods Cross Wildcats (7-16), 57-51. Faletau Satuala led the Redhawks, posting 19 points, including a 3-pointer. Charlie Smith also made a significant impact scoring 18 points, five of which came from beyond the arc. On the other end, Hunter Jackson shone for the Wildcats with 23 points, including three 3-pointers. Hayden Poulton and Ben Smith-Mecham also contributed with 10 and 9 points respectively.

Region 6

Brighton 67, East 49

The Brighton Bengals (13-10) secured an impressive 67-49 victory over the East Leopards (9-14). Leading the Bengals, Bradley Easton scored 16 points, including two 3-pointers, while Josh Mawhinney added 13 points. Nash Matheson also contributed 11 points, landing a 3-pointer as well. For the Leopards, Cooper Dodd was the standout performer, scoring 18 points with five successful 3-pointers. Notwithstanding Dodd’s impressive performance, the Leopards were unable to match the strong start and consistent scoring by the Bengals.

Olympus 86, Skyline 49

The Olympus Titans (20-3) achieved a decisive 86-49 victory over the Skyline Eagles (11-12). Dutch DowDell played a tremendous game for the Titans, scoring a massive 32 points that included six 3-pointers. Reef Smylie and Gavin Lowe also made significant contributions with 21 and 15 points respectively. For the Eagles, the leading scorers were Trent Wells, who scored 11 points including two 3-pointers, and Kai Sorenson who scored 10 points, including two 3-pointers as well. Despite their efforts, the Eagles were unable to overcome the Titans’ high-scoring performance and lost the game.

Highland 81, West 53

The Highland Rams (17-6) overwhelmed the West Panthers (3-17) with an 81-53 victory. Matt Lambson led the Rams with 18 points, successful in landing four 3-pointers. Isaiah Drisdom also contributed 13 to the Rams’ total, with a total of 11 players from the Rams scoring during the matchup. On the Panthers’ side, Taulaki Siosiua offered some resistance, scoring 16 points, and securing five rebounds, two assists and one block. Isaiah Su’esu’e also scored 9 points, making two 3-pointers, five rebounds, two blocks and two assists. Despite the Panthers’ efforts, the Rams’ impressive start left them with too big a gap to close.

Region 7

Wasatch 75, Maple Mountain 65

The Wasatch Wasps (11-12) defeated the Maple Mountain Golden Eagles (9-14), in a 75-65 victory. Ethan Moore was the star for the Wasps, with an incredible 34-point performance, which included five 3-pointers. Sam Lind also contributed 13 to the Wasps’ total score. For the Golden Eagles, Brogan Miles and Matthew Peterson scored 17 and 16 points respectively, each hitting two 3-pointers. Despite the Golden Eagles outscoring the Wasps in the second half, the substantial lead established by the Wasps during the first half cemented their victory.

Timpview 65, Spanish Fork 60

The Timpview Thunderbirds (17-6) outlasted the Spanish Fork Dons (4-19) in a close encounter ending 65-60. Dean Rueckert and Will Openshaw took centre stage for the Thunderbirds, each scoring 17 points with Openshaw landing two 3-pointers. In addition, Callen Tollestrup was a key player, recording 13 points and nailing three 3-pointers. For the Dons, Aaron Dunn was the top scorer with 18 points, followed by Ethan Beckstead who scored 13. Despite making a fierce comeback in the last two quarters, the Dons fell just short of the Thunderbirds’ total.

Orem 71, Cedar Valley 54

The Orem Tigers (17-6) imposed their will on the Cedar Valley Aviators (12-11) with a dominant 71-54 victory. Asher Young spearheaded the Tigers’ triumph, scoring 22 points, while Jack Allen added 16 to the total, including a 3-pointer. On the Aviators’ side, Owen Bawden put up a commendable fight, recording 15 points, five rebounds, and four blocks. Hunter Larson and Heath Christensen each contributed 13 points, with Larson also having three rebounds, three assists, and one block. Despite the effort of the Aviators, a strong final quarter securing the Tigers’ win.

Salem Hills 82, Springville 72

The Salem Hills Skyhawks (9-14) triumphed over the Springville Red Devils (14-9) with a score of 82-72. Chase DeGraffenried was on fire for the Skyhawks, amassing a whopping 42 points, including four 3-pointers. Aaron Hable was also substantial in their victory with 15 points, aided by three 3-pointers. On the Red Devils side, their leading scorer was Mason Hansen with 24 points, including two 3-pointers. Jamyn Sondrup also contributed 17 points and Dylan Corfield netted 12 points, including four 3-pointers. Despite a strong start by the Red Devils in the first half, the Skyhawks managed to turn the tide in the third and fourth quarters to secure a ten-point victory.

Region 9

Snow Canyon 62, Desert Hills 46

Snow Canyon outperformed Desert Hills with a conclusive triumph, 62-46. Owen Mackay proved instrumental in Snow Canyon’s (15-7) win, scoring 22 points along with four 3-pointers. Damon Ence also had a significant impact with 12 points, four of them 3-pointers, to the tally. For Desert Hills (13-10), despite Eli Allred’s 16 points, and Mason Rasmussen’s 14 points with three 3-pointers, they could not surpass Snow Canyon’s robust gameplay.

Dixie 80, Cedar City 60

The Dixie Flyers (20-3) achieved a commanding 80-60 victory over the Cedar City Reds (4-18). Kyle Lemke was the top scorer for the Flyers, netting 22 points, while Breckon Robinson added 16 points, including two 3-pointers. Jordan Roberts also played a crucial role in the victory, scoring 14 points, landing a 3-pointer, and racking up an impressive 13 assists. For the Reds, Landon Kreitzer put up the most points with 18, including three 3-pointers, and he was followed by JT Jeter who secured 11 points, including two 3-pointers. Despite a spirited effort in the final quarter by the Reds, the Flyers’ strong performance throughout the game ensured their victory.

Pine View 68, Hurricane 60

The Pine View Panthers (14-9) earned a 68-60 victory over the Hurricane Tigers (5-18). Griffen Shepherd was the leading scorer for the Panthers, tallying 19 points, while Nash Schroeder contributed 16 points to the win. Adam Moore also played notably, scoring 13 points, three of which were 3-pointers. On the Tiger’s side, Brigham Kemp emerged as the top scorer with 15 points. Calan Hughes added 13 points followed by RJ Hurst and Quinn Gubler, both scoring 11 points each, including a 3-pointer. Despite a stronger performance by the Tigers in the last two quarters, they were unable to overturn the Panthers’ lead.

Region 10

Cottonwood 76, Park City 65

The Cottonwood Colts (18-5) secured a noteworthy 76-65 victory over the Park City Miners. Chris Cox was the star player for the Colts, scoring an impressive 26 points with three 3-pointers. John Rosevear also played a significant role with 19 points, which included two 3-pointers. Despite the loss, Park City Miners (6-17) had Cameron Wilson leading the team with 18 points, closely followed by Duke Gordon who dropped 17 points, including three from long range.

Murray 59, Jordan 46

The Murray Spartans (17-6) secured a 59-46 victory against the Jordan Beetdiggers (10-13). Deacon Poole was the leading scorer for the Spartans with 15 points, followed closely by Treyce Wilson and Isaiah Beh, who both scored 11 points, with Beh also landing a 3-pointer. For the Beetdiggers, Ayden Doyle provided a strong performance scoring 15 points, while Udochi Iheanacho added 10 points, nailing two 3-pointers. Although the Beetdiggers presented a stronger display in the third quarter, the Spartans’ consistent performance throughout the game led them to victory.

Region 11

Mountain Crest 58, Sky View 57

In a closely contested game, the Mountain Crest Mustangs (12-9) edged out the Sky View Bobcats (7-14), securing a 58-57 victory. Kaden Hess was the high scorer for the Mustangs with 16 points. Rigdon Anderson supported with 15 points, including three 3-pointers, and Joshua Arnell added 12 points. On the Bobcat’s end, Liam Guthrie led with 20 points which included a 3-pointer. Despite the Bobcats’ solid second and third quarter performance, the Mustangs rallied back in the fourth quarter to clinch the game by a single point.

Logan 61, Ridgeline 56

The Logan Grizzlies (17-5) emerged victorious over the Ridgeline RiverHawks (17-5), tallying a 61-56 win. Jalen Argyle emerged as a top performer for the Grizzlies, scoring 21 points, including two 3-pointers. Jordan Child wasn’t far behind, contributing a solid 20 points. For the RiverHawks, Diego Vazquez led the scoring with 21 points and made a significant impact with seven 3-pointers. Carson Cox also delivered a strong performance for the RiverHawks with 16 points, including two 3-pointers. Despite a strong start by Ridgeline in the first quarter, Logan bounced back in the second half of the game to secure a win.

Green Canyon 63, Bear River 50

The Green Canyon Wolves (18-5) triumphed over the Bear River Bears (14-8) in an energetic game, securing a 63-50 victory. Layker Ward led the Wolves with an impressive 26-point game, staking his claim on five 3-pointers. Jared Anderson provided significant support with 15 points, netting two 3-pointers. For the Bears, their leading scorer was Kyver Jensen with 18 points, followed by Gehrig Marble with 12 points. Despite the Bears’ efforts, the Wolves managed to maintain a lead throughout the game, backed by their strong performance in the first and third quarters.

Region 20

Escalante 60, Bryce Valley 51

In a high-scoring encounter that required overtime, the visiting Escalante Moquis (10-12) defeated Bryce Valley Mustangs, 60-51. A powerful fourth quarter and overtime display from Escalante seized the game from the struggling Mustangs (6-17). Kage Lyman led the charge for the Moquis with 19 points, including six 3-pointers, while Korben Young and Kendal Gardner both contributed 14 each. For the Mustangs, Zaren Roberts stood out with 21 points and three 3-pointers.

Panguitch 77, Milford 38

The Panguitch Bobcats (20-3) ran past the Milford Tigers (13-10), 77-38, showing their dominance largely in the third quarter. Cache Eyre spearheaded the Bobcats’ onslaught, pouring in 24 points, including four 3-pointers, with solid support from Remme Chappell who scored 16 points with two shots from behind the arc. On the Tigers’ side, Kilo Tsosie topped the score chart with 12 points, supplemented with a 3-pointer.

Piute 60, Wayne 49

The Piute Thunderbirds (20-3) emerged victorious against the Wayne Badgers, 60-49, with strong performances in the first and third quarters. Jaxon Westwood was pivotal for the Thunderbirds, racking up 18 points and a 3-pointer, while Kel Blood added 16. For the visiting Badgers (14-9), Ryker Peterson scored 17 points, making four 3-pointers, and Jake Batty and Blake Peterson scored 10 points apiece.

Region 22

Rich 70, Wendover 56

The Rich Rebels (15-3) surged past the Wendover Wildcats (16-6) 70-56, following a commanding third quarter. Ridge Lundgren was key to Rebels’ victory, scoring 13 points and sinking three 3-pointers. Carter Hoffman led the team with 19 points while Jaden Cornia added 11 points to the win. For the Wildcats, Raul Valle tallied 19 points and made two 3-pointers, joined by Trejin Tangaro with 12 points, also nailing two 3-pointers.

Manila 49, Altamont 28

The Manila Mustangs (14-6) prevailed over the Altamont’s Longhorns (2-15) in a commanding 49-28 win. Riley Browning led for the Mustangs, scoring 21 points with one 3-pointer, followed by Sim Brady, who added 10 points. For the Longhorns, Ashton Tew was the standout performer, scoring 11 points, including a 3-pointer, and Grayson Panas contributed with nine points. Despite a firm start by the Mustangs in the first half, a spirited effort from the Longhorns in the final quarter of the game proved to be the difference.