The Juab High School boys wrestling team added another chapter to its dynasty Saturday night in Richfield with its eighth consecutive state title. 

Meanwhile, the Canyon View girls team captured the school’s first wrestling championship. 

“It’s not done in a season, not in a small town,” said Juab coach Joel Holman, who was also named the Outstanding Wrestling Coach of the Year. “It doesn’t happen in one year. It happens over a lot of years.”

For Holman, this year’s win brings with it feelings of sentimentality.   

“I coached this group when they first started wrestling when I was a little kid coach,” Holman said. “I’ve spent a lot of time with these kids. Hopefully it’s a continuation of what you’ve built, and this is the reward.”

Juab’s boys scored 261.5 points, with South Summit finishing with 224 for second and Morgan in third with 193 team points. 

Freshman Decker Ford set the tone in the finals by outlasting Ben Lomond’s Evan Centeno in a decision match at 106.

“It was a good match,” Ford said of his championship bout. “It feels so amazing to be here. All the work has paid off.”

In all, seven of Juab’s boys wrestled in the finals, winning six individual titles. 

Senior Hayden Park (138) credited his championship win over South Summit’s Zane Winter to Ford, his underclassman teammate, teaching him a new move. 

“I wrestled him earlier in the season and had a game plan,” Park said. “It worked out pretty good with an ankle underhook snapdown. I learned that from Decker.” 

Senior Preston Aagard (157) capped his high school career with a win over Canyon View’s Nathan Nicole.

“It was kind of what we were hoping for,” Aagard said. “It’s just awesome to be a part of this type of team.”

Ladd Holman (120) beat Morgan’s Ryler Jorgensen. Cooper Blackett (132) secured a technical fall over Morgan’s Luke Woolsey. Benedict Holthaus (175) rounded out Juab’s champion roster with a win over South Summit’s Ryker Woodward. 

“At the end of this weekend, there are only 14 kids who got what they wanted,” Holman said. “It means a lot to get that state title, but it also means a lot to maybe get beat in the semis and come back and wrestle for third and get the next best thing. I’m just happy for the kids and proud of all of them.”

Meanwhile, Canyon View’s girls wrestling team is packed full of freshmen and sophomores, some of whom are new to the sport. 

“They are really young,” said coach Dallas Lowry, who has been coaching Canyon View’s girls for three years.

“I just grabbed them out of the lunchroom, and they all told me at the first of the year they wanted to be state champions. I said, ‘Get ready for an adventure.’”

The adventure ended with Canyon View’s girls dominating the field with 311 points to secure the first place trophy.

Grantsville followed in second place with 229 points, while third place Juab netted 170. 

“These girls stepped up to it and they peaked at the right time,” Lowry said. “We were just a point and a half ahead of Grantsville. In that consultation/semi round, we won every match. It catapulted us into the lead.

The Canyon View girls wrestling team celebrates earning the school’s first team wrestling title during the 3A state tournament Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024, in Richfield. 
The Canyon View girls wrestling team celebrates earning the school’s first team wrestling title during the 3A state tournament Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024, in Richfield.  | David Anderson, for the Deseret News

“I was just impressed with the girls,” Lowry said. “Brooklyn Barney (in the third place bracket) was down by nine points, and was able to roll over and pin a girl. These girls just have no quit in them.”

With just two seniors leaving the team, the future is bright for the Falcons. 

“It’ll be an outstanding year for us next year for sure,” Lowry said. 

Sophomore Julia Kay (115) kept the momentum going as she earned her second individual title against North Sanpete’s Journey Toomey. 

“It was tough, and not what I thought it would be like, but it was fun,” Kay said. “I love the glory and challenge of it.” 

Freshman Meletilini Matakaiongo (155) fought off a pin attempt by Grantsville’s Hailey Broderick in the second period and was then able to come back in the third and win the match by fall. 

“It was a hard match,” Matakaiongo said. “My best moves are in the neutral position, but she’s great and really tough. I appreciated her wrestling me in the finals.”  

Elianna Santos-Banks (190) was able to secure a decision against Juab’s Macee Ercanbrack. 

“I love wrestling. It helps me be the best version of myself,” Santos-Banks said. 

Kristie Jensen (110) won a major decision against Grantsville’s Sophia Camargo. Tilisa Matakaiongo (235) also secured individual gold with a pin over teammate Maitae Cardenas.

Class 3A state tournament

At Sevier Valley Center

Team Scores

  1. Juab, 261.5
  2. South Summit, 224
  3. Morgan, 193
  4. Union, 166.5
  5. Canyon View, 152
  6. Delta, 122
  7. Emery, 96.5
  8. North Sanpete, 79

Individual results

  • 106 — 1. Decker Ford, Juab; 2. Evan Centeno, Ben Lomond; 3. Carter Wardell, Morgan; 4. Riggin Crittenden, South Summit; 5. Killian Olsen, North Sanpete; 6. Chase Sorensen, North Sanpete.
  • 113 — 1. Monty Christiansen, Emery; 2. Krew King, North Sanpete; 3. Grady Roybal, Union; 4. Durke Larsen, Manti; 5. Jet Abbott, Delta; 6. Cruze Anderson, Grantsville.
  • 120 — 1. Ladd Holman, Juab; 2. Ryler Jorgensen, Morgan; 3. Bryce Pulver, South Summit; 4. Drake Johnson, Juab; 5. Dixon Peacock, Emery; 6. Jaygen Stubbs, Union.
  • 126 — 1. Cody Dyches, North Sanpete; 2. Rowdey Peterson, Juab; 3. Kage Bunker, Delta; 4. Gunner Klingler, South Summit; 5. Kale Reary, Union; 6. Tavin Allen, Morgan.
  • 132 — 1. Cooper Blackett, Juab; 2. Luke Woolsey, Morgan; 3. Cole Cavalieri, Canyon View; 4. Teegan Anderson, Juab; 5. Brax Tapia, Carbon; 6. Carter Anderson, Delta.
  • 138 — 1. Hayden Park, Juab; 2. Zane Winter, South Summit; 3. Trey Bradshaw, Delta; 4. Kabryn Whiting, Union; 5. Jhet Shepherd, Juab; 6. Mason Stewart, Emery.
  • 144 — 1. Drew Korth, Morgan; 2. Drexton Torgerson, Richfield; 3. Garrett Perry, Juab; 4. Brandon Mora, South Summit; 5. Blake Crawley, Canyon View; 6. Porter Anderson, Juab.
  • 150 — 1. Tucker Roybal, Union; 2. Kash Nelson, Delta; 3. Damon Farley, Emery; 4. Jack Cavalieri, Canyon View; 5. Kayden Lynn, Juab; 6. Justus Reynolds, Juab.
  • 157 — 1. Preston Aagard, Juab; 2. Nathan Nicoll, Canyon View; 3. Boden Christman, Emery; 4. Zach Powell, Grantsville; 5. Ryker Jones, Grantsville; 6. Jayson Rodriguez, South Summit.
  • 165 — 1. Ben Smith, South Summit; 2. Alex Crawley, Canyon View; 3. Jed Chatwin, Union; 4. Chace Allen, Morgan; 5. Jonathan Jewkes, Carbon; 6. Denver Cloward, Union.
  • 175 — 1. Benedict Holthaus, Juab; 2. Ryker Woodward, South Summit; 3. Krew Galbraith, Morgan; 4. Trevin Davis, Union; 5. Campbell Warnick, Delta; 6. Gavin Fausett, Carbon.
  • 190 — 1. Zak Sargent, Morgan; 2. Deagan Davis, Union; 3. Kelan Layton, Manti; 4. Weston Richins, Union; 5. Oscar Dominguez, South Summit; 6. Gabe Toone, Morgan.
  • 215 — 1. Dallin Sweat, Manti; 2. Marc Richardson, Canyon View; 3. Brady Freeman, South Summit; 4. Treyson Rich, Morgan; 5. Chase Dahlberg, Union; 6. Lakopo Nena, Providence Hall.
  • 285 — 1. Trayvn Boger, South Summit; 2. Coleman Thorson, Richfield; 3. Ty Blackburn, Juab; 4. Eduardo Contreras, Ogden; 5. Aisea Hosea, Juab; 6. Luke Langston, Canyon View.

Class 3A state tournament

At Sevier Valley Center

Team Scores

  1. Canyon View, 311.5
  2. Grantsville, 229
  3. Juab, 170
  4. Union, 161
  5. North Sanpete, 95
  6. Richfield, 92
  7. Carbon, 78
  8. Juan Diego, 57

Individual results

  • 100 — 1. Rhylee Clark, Grantsville; 2. Mayra Castillo, Canyon View; 3. Kabree Duncan, Union; 4. Isabella Bobrowsky, South Summit; 5. Zivah Sires, Grantsville; 6. Atti Nielson, Juab.
  • 105 — 1. Aliyah Zedicher, Manti; 2. Emily Shoemaker, Juab; 3. Brynlee Lauritzen, Canyon View; 4. Autumn Evans, Providence Hall; 5. Lily Stocks, Ben Lomond; 6. Caelia Moyer, Grantsville.
  • 110 — 1. Kristie Jensen, Canyon View; 2. Sophia Camargo, Grantsville; 3. Andelynn Stephensen, Juab; 4. Arlie Jensen, Grantsville; 5. Codi Shaw, Carbon; 6. Whitley Kinross, North Sanpete.
  • 115 — 1. Julia Kay, Canyon View; 2. Journey Toomey, North Sanpete; 3. Abbigail Olsen, Providence Hall; 4. Braydee Winterton, Union; 5. Bailey Hurst, Grantsville; 6. Lexie Finuf, Grantsville.
  • 120 — 1. Skyley Hanna, Juan Diego; 2. Bailey Rainer, Grantsville; 3. Marley Castaneda, Canyon View; 4. Kyra Pay, Juab; 5. Taylonna Garcia, Union; 6. Makynlee Watkins, Juab.
  • 125 — 1. Addison Johnson, Juab; 2. Nikkole Dong, Grantsville; 3. Brooklyn Barney, Canyon View; 4. Carolina Bohman, South Summit; 5. Reagan Pitt, Grantsville; 6. Tiffany Nguyen, Juan Diego.
  • 130 — 1. Evie Davidson, Union; 2. Tashra Pay, Juab; 3. Gwendaline Gardiner, Canyon View; 4. Hannah Miller, Grantsville; 5. Morgan Holdaway, Juab; 6. Kaydence Udy, Richfield.
  • 135 — 1. Jaysie Abalos, Delta; 2. Gemma Carter, Canyon View; 3. Fortune Ward, Carbon; 4. Kyra Defino, Juab; 5. Dakota Bechtol, Grantsville; 6. Claire Bartlome, Providence Hall.
  • 140 — 1. Samantha Reynolds, Juab; 2. Chloe Critchlow, Grantsville; 3. Reagan Bastian, Union; 4. Karissah Haymore, Canyon View; 5. Alyssa Camden, Richfield; 6. Avery Snow, Union.
  • 145 — 1. Courtney Mecham, Grantsville; 2. Olivia Richmond, North Sanpete; 3. Danica Patey, Richfield; 4. Kelsey diane Weaver, Canyon View; 5. Edee Whitmer, Union; 6. Samantha Riddle, Carbon.
  • 155 — 1. Meletilini Matakaiongo, Canyon View; 2. Hailey Broderick, Grantsville; 3. Lindee Ussing, Grantsville; 4. Lizbet Rodriguez, Canyon View; 5. Sydnei Christensen, Richfield; 6. Aileen Terry, North Sanpete.
  • 170 — 1. Summerlynne Mikesell, Richfield; 2. Caroline Mecham, Grantsville; 3. Adriana Sierra, Canyon View; 4. Boydee Gravatt, Union; 5. Katherine Allred, North Sanpete; 6. Rickelle Collins, Carbon.
  • 190 — 1. Elianna (snail) Santos-Banks, Canyon View; 2. Macee Ercanbrack, Juab; 3. Dahlia Silva, Union; 4. Hannah Perry, North Sanpete; 5. Madison Arroyo, Carbon; 6. Kira Hart, Grantsville.
  • 235 — 1. Tilisa Matakaiongo, Canyon View; 2. Maitae Cardenas, Canyon View; 3. Avie Hernandez, Juan Diego; 4. Danelynn Castro, Manti; 5. Jayci Wood, Union; 6. Grace Lamb, Carbon.