“Of Journals and Blessings: An Investment with Priceless Returns,” was written to provide a deeper understanding of journals and offer encouragement for undertaking such an important task when the demands on our time are limitless.  Thomas Grapp, the author, has kept a diligent journal for two decades and his personal journal collection consists of forty-one volumes.  Identifying the positive results originating therefrom prompted him to publish a book with the hope of helping others participate in this marvelous work.  The book is available on Amazon for all desiring to comprehend the blessings of writing in a journal.

Blessings of Writing in a Journal

Blessings associated with journals, when recognized, supply motivation to embark on the marvelous journey of record keeping.  Once on the path, preserving thoughts, feelings, and experiences ignites a synergistic effect inspiring individuals within the influence of a journal to understand their spiritual identity, link generations, strengthen individuals and families, extend service, express love, serve as a beacon of truth and light, and testify of Jesus Christ.  “Of Journals and Blessings: An Investment with Priceless Returns,” presents the impact journals have on posterity as well as the personal development achieved by the author of a journal.

A Reader Review of the Book

An Amazon review states, “A timeless read for all ages and walks of life. I LOVE this book.  Journal keeping is an overall theme to this book, but really it’s a guide for those interested in keeping an eternal perspective for their lives.  I started off highlighting sections that I wanted to refer back to but soon discovered that nearly every page was highlighted.  Instead of highlighting I changed my method to writing down the page number and topic for future reference.  This is not a book to skim over or power through, rather it’s something that should be reviewed and reflected on.  This book will become a treasure to anyone who reads it.” 

Commemorate by Keeping a Journal

On July 24, 1847, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded Salt Lake City.  This year we commemorate the passage of 175 years since pioneers bravely trekked across unforgiving wilderness and exhibited an abundance of faith that continues to inspire generations.  Gratefully, we read the timeless words recorded in journals by pioneers who dedicated their lives to heeding the Prophet’s counsel while seeking to establish a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Hardships, miracles, sorrows, joys, anxieties, and comforts were all written for the benefit of posterity.  Trials, tribulations, and obstacles encountered and overcome along their journey provide us with hope and inspiration.  Although the process of writing required an investment of time, the results derived therefrom have supplied a source of strength for latter-day pioneers who feel burdened by the cares, concerns, and difficulties specific to this time.  Knowing that God was mindful of the pioneers in dire circumstances allows us to more fully appreciate that He is desirous to assist us as we traverse the path leading to our Heavenly Home.  Do you, as a latter-day pioneer, know the impact your journal will have?  “Of Journals and Blessings: An Investment with Priceless Returns,” provides a comprehensive review of blessings related to keeping a journal.  This very moment is the perfect time to begin recording a personal history that will help you and those within your sphere of influence both now and in the future.