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2023 Wedding Trends To Copy

Planning a wedding in 2023? These are a few of the hottest trends that you should consider for your big day.

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The weather is starting to warm up outside (even if it’s only by a few degrees!) and couples everywhere are beginning to prep for their summer nuptials. As we step into wedding planning season, get ready to be wowed by unique ideas ranging from bold color palettes and sustainable decorations, to unforgettable timeline surprises that will make any special day truly stand out from the crowd! This year, couples are embracing a wide variety of trends—here are some of the hottest 2023 wedding trends to get brides-to-be inspired for the big day. 

Bold, Whimsical Color Schemes

From rich orange paired with coral to muted pink and flashy champagne, 2023 is the year of the vibrant color scheme. And if the bright hues weren’t dramatic enough, texture will play an important role in bringing these trendy, energetic colorscapes to life. Couples might consider pairing a light champagne with velvets, or orange with turquoise stones for added statement that looks stunning when photographed. 

Local Ingredients & Family Recipes

As couples exchange vows they’re also celebrating the flavor of their city by adding locally sourced elements to their menus. This season’s weddings are highlighting specialties from nearby farms and businesses— giving guests an authentic, unforgettable taste of the region. Some take it a step further by highlighting traditional family recipes, allowing guests to celebrate with the happy couple on a more personal level. 


Sustainable Greenery & Flowers

More couples have been environmentally (and financially) sustainable with their wedding choices over the last several years, and that trend is expected to continue in 2023. This year, expect to see recycled floral arrangements and potted houseplants at many weddings—a cost-saving measure that’s gorgeous and environmentally friendly! Couples are even opting to use cut leaves as free, biodegradable “eco confetti” instead of more expensive single-use materials.


Non-traditional Processionals/Timelines

Wedding timlines have taken a delightful twist as couples everywhere are breaking tradition and making the day uniquely theirs. From dancing down the aisle to having grandma be the flower girl or skipping vows altogether, anything goes in 2023! Going against convention even further, some daring duos choose to get ready together for an extra spark of intimacy, and others choose to have their first dance in private instead of in front of guests. 

Long, Winding Aisles

This year, brides are opting for long, elaborate S-shaped or curved aisleways that make a statement. A longer walk down the aisle is an opportunity to create a dramatic entrance for the bride and make a powerful statement about the importance of the day. Extended aisleways also allow couples to be more creative with their decorations and design a visually striking walkway that wows all. In addition to creating a unique aesthetic, long aisleways can provide couples with more time and space to soak in the moment!


Outdoor Venues That Require Little Decor

Outdoor weddings grew in popularity during COVID and the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Couples are choosing venues with breathtaking backdrops, natural flower arrangements, and regal atmospheres capable of enchanting any guest. Additionally, hosting an outdoor wedding can offer more freedom in styling as every venue has its own unique, natural characteristics that are difficult to replicate.


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