Many people who need a dental implant are concerned about pain management. Patients in Utah now have access to innovative and opioid-free options for post-operative pain relief. Exparel® is an innovation in post-surgical pain management after a dental implant has been placed that reduces the need for opioids and provides long-lasting relief to patients. This treatment is specifically formulated to provide targeted pain relief to the area where surgery was performed, reducing the need for additional medication and the associated risks of opiate misuse or addiction.

The Problem with Opioids for Pain Relief After 

No procedure is without some pain. When a patient needs dental implants, one of the first concerns is how long and painful the recovery process will be, as well as what types of medications are involved. Traditionally, up to 70% of dental patients were prescribed opioids to manage pain relief after dental implants have been placed. However, this has become a concern for many patients, given the risk of opiate misuse and addiction.

Introducing Exparel: The Opioid-Free Solution for Post-Dental Implant Pain Management

Exparel is a revolutionary option for post-surgical pain management that is transforming the way that patients recover from oral surgery. This innovative solution is providing patients with an opioid-free option for pain relief that is both safe and effective. As a result, the need for opioids after surgery is significantly reduced.

Patients who have opted for Exparel treatment have reported a significant improvement in their recovery experience, as they are able to manage their pain effectively without relying on traditional opioid-based medications. Exparel treatment allows patients to remain in control of their recovery process and provides them with greater flexibility in choosing their preferred pain management options. Some patients opt to use over-the-counter medication, such as Ibuprofen, while others find they don’t need any additional medication at all. 

How Exparel Works: Targeted Pain Relief

Exparel works differently than traditional opioids. It is specifically formulated to provide targeted pain relief to the area where surgery was performed. The slow-release local anesthetic, bupivacaine, is included in the Exparel formula, which provides long-lasting relief exactly where the patient needs it most. Because it is a slow-acting, extended-release formula, patients experience a more manageable recovery without the need for additional opioid medication. This reduces the risk of opiate misuse or addiction, as well as the risks of side effects associated with opioid pain relief.

Personalized Pain Management: The Utah Specialty Dental Group Difference

Utah Specialty Dental Group is committed to patient personalization and preference, working closely with patients to develop the perfect pain management plan, with or without opioids, for a better recovery. Key services include expert oral surgery and pain management options, with a focus on developing a pain care plan that is as unique as each patient.

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