Much like banking or booking a flight, Revere Health believes patients should be able to conveniently manage their healthcare online. This is why we encourage all our patients to sign up for our online patient portal known as FollowMyHealth (FMH).  

FMH is a free app available for Android or iPhone and can also be accessed via desktop. Once patients register and sign in to FMH, the portal allows them to:  

  • Send a secure message to their provider 
  • Request prescription refills 
  • Access provider notes 
  • View test results, medical records, and labs almost immediately after they’re completed
  • Request an appointment 

Read on to learn about how FMH improves the “Three Cs” of the patient experience. 


Prior to FMH, many routine tasks such as requesting a prescription refill or asking a question required a phone call or even a physical trip to the doctor’s office—time that busy patients don’t have. 

“I’m a working mom, so it’s really hard for me to take time out of my day to sit on the phone and wait to talk to someone or go into the office just to communicate something,” said Gen, a Revere Health patient who uses FMH. “With FollowMyHealth, the office sees my message and within a couple of hours I have a response and an action on a request that I made.”

Because patients can access their medical records via FMH, they don’t have to go to the medical records office and request paper files. They can also see recent clinic notes from a visit, eliminating the need to remember or write down exactly what was said by the provider.


FMH stores patients’ medical histories, notes, test results, etc., all in one place, allowing for better coordination when multiple providers are involved in the care process. 

“It’s nice for patients because once they’ve seen a Revere Health physician, their basic information, background, symptoms, and complaints are already in our system,” said Revere Health pulmonologist Jonathan Nelson, PA-C. “If they need to see another specialist, that specialist has access to whatever treatments have already been started.”  

FMH allows for coordination even beyond Revere Health offices for patients who may be traveling. If desired, patients can make their medication histories, labs, immunizations, etc. available for doctors or emergency departments in other states.  

“If you have an emergency event where you’re not conscious, the care teams involved can see your medical history which might be relevant to how they treat or manage your situation,” said Revere Health CEO Scott Barlow. “FollowMyHealth really has become a great way to make sure the care that you get is unique to you and follows you wherever you might go.” 

Gen said she enjoys using FMH because it provides a centralized place where she and her care team can access the same information. “It helps make sure we’re all on the same page,” she said.


Revere Health gastroenterologist Alan Erdmann, MD, said FMH has markedly improved his office’s ability to respond to patient concerns in a timely, efficient manner.  

“With FollowMyHealth, patients can send a text message that gets screened by my MA,” he said. “This allows me to be notified almost instantly. I’ve heard good feedback about this not just from young patients with smartphones, but also from patients in their 70s and 80s who are more familiar with technology than seniors a decade ago.”  

Gen said FMH has improved her relationship with her nurse because of the way the portal streamlines their communications. 

“To me, that not only builds trust, but it also builds loyalty. I want to come to Revere Health when I have somebody who is responsive to me,” she said.  

Many Revere Health physicians have embraced FMH as they have seen firsthand the positive impact it has had on their patients and staff.  

“FollowMyHealth is an efficient and effective communication tool and has become my preferred way to communicate with my patients,” said Revere Health family medicine doctor Aaron Starbuck, MD. “It helps strengthen my relationships with my patients. I’ve become a huge advocate of it.”

Click here to learn more about FMH and sign up if you are a Revere Health patient.