You might be surprised to learn that even though the numbers have dipped in recent years, a majority of Americans still believe in God. According to a 2022 Gallup poll, the number of believers is currently around 81%.

But while belief is a good starting point, one Latter-day Saint author wants people to know that it’s also important to come to know God personally. Steven Anthony Bishop, author of the best-selling book “Putting on Christ,” says that this is not only possible — it’s essential.

“Those whose overriding desire is to actually know God in mortality and who diligently and consistently act on this desire will find Him and will be given a place at His right hand,” Bishop writes in the book’s introduction.

But he also adds a warning.

“Those who put other priorities ahead of this preeminent one will find themselves at His left. If we truly desire to know Him, we will be unrelenting in our quest to both seek and find Him,” he writes.

The first step toward perfect knowledge

Though Bishop acknowledges that coming to know God may involve a long and arduous process culminating in an actual reconciliation with God, it all starts with adhering to the doctrine of Christ. Eventually, this process can lead to an ineffable experience Bishop calls, “spiritual rebirth,” or being “born of God.”

“Christ and His restored gospel is

the power by which our brokenness, complete cleansing and mighty change of heart … can happen in full,” he says.

Firsthand experiences of those who’ve experienced this ‘mighty change’

In his book, Bishop shares the stories of nine people (5 of whom are personally known to him) who’ve been born of God in our latter or modern day. Chapter 8 alone highlights the experiences of seven of them

According to the author, these stories of coming to know God through spiritual rebirth, being “born of the spirit,” are “on par with many who have entered God’s presence through a near-death experience.” In either scenario, God’s reality will have been obtained with a perfect knowledge and certainty and people’s hearts will have thereby been changed forever.

Bishop says that reading these accounts — along with the pertinent doctrine of Christ which will highlight the steps to obtain such an indescribable reality — will help the reader understand what that experience might feel and be like for themselves through obedience to this very doctrine.

One story tells of a man who reached his breaking point in prison. Another details the peace a grieving father sought and obtained after the suicidal death of his son. A young sister missionary also shares her story of overcoming a harmful eating disorder and perfectionist tendencies through the grace of the Savior.

Each of these accounts is sure to touch the heart of every reader and inspire people to seek their own witness of the truth.

The author’s personal witness

Among the nine accounts, Bishop includes his own witness of coming to know the Savior personally. “The Oneness experienced was not just with the Deity as we know Them to be, and They are real,” he writes, “... but a Oneness seemingly with all of nature and the physical and spiritual world around me as well.” It was this experience that ultimately led him to write this book and share it with others. However, don’t expect to pour through the pages at lightning speed. It’s the author’s hope that you’ll use it as a “roadmap” on your own very personal journey to God, and thereby obtain the same perfect knowledge of Him through a spiritual manifestation wrought in power by the Holy Ghost.

“This work known as ‘Putting on Christ’ is not merely a book to be read, but one to be experienced and lived. It’s my life’s calling to write,” Bishop states in the introduction.

“This work will join other books of a similar nature, all of which are written to bear witness to the Way, the Truth, and the Life, that is Jesus Christ.”

Read the full Introduction

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“Putting on Christ” has been an Amazon No. 1 National Bestseller in nine categories and has been a top seller among Latter-day Saint-authored books on Amazon. All profits from the book will go toward remarketing of the book as well as helping to feed and shelter the homeless.

In the words of the author, “The path is real and He is coming. Waste no time.” Pick up your copy of “Putting on Christ” today!