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5 Tips For Barbecue Excellence This Summer

Create a meal that even Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.

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Outdoor cooking season is here and there’s nothing quite like the smell of perfectly seasoned meat cooking through the backyard. However, if you’ve been less than impressed with the turnout of your meals so far, use these tips to learn more about temperature, clean-up, seasoning tricks, and more. With these tips, anyone can navigate even the hottest of summer cook-offs like a true pro. Get the meat on ASAP—it’s almost time to eat! 

Cooking With Wood Pellets Develops Richer Flavors  

Looking to develop richer, smokier flavors when smoking meats? Try using wood pellets! Not only do they add flavor depth and complexity, but they’re incredibly easy to use. Choose from flavors such as Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, etc.; with a little experimentation, anyone can find their favorite flavor combination.

Traeger recently came out with its new Ironwood and Ironwood XL grills that allow you to activate “Super Smoke Mode” throughout the cooking process for the best flavor. If using a smoker without this option, simply pour the pellets into the hopper at the beginning of the cooking process, close the lid, and hit power. Smokers need fuel to cook, and flavored wood pellets are a great way to fuel your smoker and infuse food with rich flavors throughout the entire cooking process. You’ll definitely taste the difference!


“Season” Your Griddle For Easier Cleanup 

Summer grilling is the epitome of outdoor fun, but the clean-up process can be daunting. The solution? Coat the griddle plate with a light layer of canola oil prior to grilling to help prevent sticking (Traeger has the full tutorial). Repeat the process as often as is necessary for a griddle plate that is darker, smoother, and easier to clean because food doesn’t stick. 

For tough, baked-on messes that you can’t get rid of, use a mixture of vinegar and water, and let it soak for five minutes before rinsing and wiping away with a towel or cloth (skip the wire scrub brush, it could cause damage). After rinsing, apply another round of seasoning and repeat as needed to prevent food from re-sticking. 

Invest In A Good Thermometer

Whether preferred rare or well-done, the secret to delicious meat of any kind lies in temperature control. For example, it’s best to cook white meats, such as chicken, at around 350 degrees, rotating them often throughout the process to ensure an even cook. Similarly, pork calls for 400 degrees while steaks are best cooked at 450 degrees and only rotated 3-4 times to ensure a nice sear. Fortunately, if you have a Traeger, it’s incredibly easy to manage the cooking temperature with the WiFIRE feature. This feature connects your phone to your smoker or grill via an app, so you can maintain, monitor, and adjust as necessary. 

Additionally, every grill master (novice or expert) should invest in a quality, accurate meat thermometer to check the interior temperature of the meat throughout the process. A great option is MEATER Plus or MEATER Block, these devices offer the ultimate BBQ experience by taking the guesswork out of outdoor cooking by providing the perfect cook every single time.

Cut Is Crucial

Believe it or not, the way the meat is cut could impact its texture and taste. The way to correctly cut meats after the resting period has wrapped up is called cutting “on the bias.” Generally, all meat should be cut this way to prevent a fibrous, tough-to-chew texture. To cut on the bias, locate where the grains of the meat intersect and cut vertically.

Of course, a dull knife can make this a difficult and frustrating task! Sharp knives not only make the process easier but they also make the meat look more presentable on-plate. Follow this guide to ensure your knives are properly sharpened for the best cut and texture on any meat.  


These Grills From Traeger Transform The Grilling Experience

Looking for the ultimate summer barbecue tip? Upgrade your old grill to the new Ironwood or Ironwood XL from Traeger. The Ironwood is packed with cutting-edge features like the SuperSmoke Mode (hello, tons of smoky flavor), the EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg (clean-up doesn’t get any easier), and the EvenFlow HeatShield (maintaining the ideal temp is a breeze), that makes grilling the ultimate user experience. And if you really want to make it your own, Traeger’s Modfire accessory system lets you customize your grill with shelves, storage bins, and more. 

With these five tips, your techniques will advance from novice to pro in no time. From using flavored wood pellets to enhance flavor and letting the meat rest after cooking, there are unlimited possibilities for deliciousness when it comes to outdoor cooking. And don’t forget the Ironwood and Ironwood XL by Traeger— their cutting-edge features make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to transform their grilling experience. Take advantage of the warm weather this summer and learn more about the Ironwood and Ironwood XL.