It’s not too early to plan for the 2024 season at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Cyber Monday, the biggest sale of the year, is just around the corner and is the perfect time to purchase tickets. 

Take advantage of the deal and receive $10 off every ticket by visiting or by calling the Festival ticket office. The sale will go live at midnight and is only available on Monday, November 27. 

“We are thrilled to announce our shows for our 63rd season in 2024,” said Managing Director Michael Bahr. “We are proud to focus on our cornerstone of Shakespeare, presenting four of his marvelous works.”

Henry VIII

By William Shakespeare 

Following the story of a ruthless race to power, this history play presents a monarch facing a series of struggles and crises. King Henry VIII is wrestling with his legacy of not having a male heir, and this flows directly from his concern that God is punishing the king for having married his brother’s widow, Katherine. He listens too closely to his duplicitous adviser, Cardinal Wolsey, who may have his own interest at heart, while the honorable Duke Buckingham is convicted of treason. Through a series of events, Henry––and the kingdom––are in a historic crisis that will forever change the direction of the empire.

The Winter’s Tale 

By William Shakespeare 

King Leontes’s jealousy and rage sparks the action in this beloved Shakespearean romance. Driven by nothing but his own unfounded suspicions, Leontes falsely accuses his wife Hermione of infidelity with his closest friend and dire consequences follow. Focusing on themes of betrayal, loss, and forgiveness, this play winds toward love and redemption to make it one of the Bard’s most beautiful and satisfying plays.

 Chris Mixon as Dennis (left) and Jim Poulos as Max in the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Play That Goes Wrong. | Karl Hugh

The Taming of the Shrew 

By William Shakespeare 

The bold, spirited, and headstrong Katherina is deemed unworthy of marriage while suitors pursue her younger sister Bianca. Their father refuses to let his younger daughter marry until an appropriate match is made for the elder, which Petruchio accepts as a challenge. However, Katherina will not be tamed so easily. Their dastardly deeds and heated battles hurl this comedy toward its end. And in Petruchio’s journey to make Katherina a compliant and obedient bride, they both learn more about what being an equal partner really means.

Much Ado About Nothing 

By William Shakespeare 

Meet Beatrice and Benedick, two people who are the perfect romantic match. So, of course, they hate each other. Their battle of words and wits presents Shakespeare’s best verbal battles-of-the-sexes sparring while everyone around them conspire to join these two in romance. Meanwhile, Beatrice’s cousin Hero is happily in love with Claudio, so of course, a plot by the malcontent Don Juan causes trouble for the pair. How will the mishaps, mistakes, and misunderstandings resolve for love to be discovered and endure?

A scene from the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s production of Jane Austen’s Emma The Musical. | Karl Hugh

The 39 Steps

Adapted by Patrick Barlow 

From the Novel by John Buchan 

From the Movie by Alfred Hitchcock 

Original Concept by Nobby Dimon and Simon Corble 

This humorous play follows an innocent man accused of a crime who must clear his name. Richard Hannay finds himself entwined with Annabella Schmidt, a spy. The next day, he wakes to find her dead. The farce careens from place to place and muddle to mess. Not only is the story a fast-paced “whodunit” comedy with only four actors––balancing suspense, nonstop comedy, and a little splash of romance––it is a highly stylized theatrical romp that leaves you laughing and amazed.

Silent Sky 

by Lauren Gunderson 

The play follows the true story of 19th Century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt. Working at Harvard University with Dr. Edward Pickering, her scientific breakthrough profoundly impacts astronomy forever, even as she is torn between responsibilities to her family and to her own soaring thoughts and ambitions. Silent Sky is a celebration of science, female achievement, family, and music that shows how one woman’s determination forever altered the course of scientific history.

The Mountaintop 

By Katori Hall 

Taking place on the last night of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s life, The Mountaintop transports audience members to the Lorraine Motel where King confronts his mortality and legacy. As he prepares his speech for the following day, King orders a cup of coffee, and the woman who arrives brings more than just that. Although fictional, this witty, magical, and poetic play propels the audience to better understand the human behind one of America’s best known leaders.

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