According to the Utah Women & Leadership project (a subset of Utah State University), Utah has been ranked as the worst state in the nation for women’s equality for the last four years in a row. From the wage gap to inadequate representation for women in the C-suite, it is no secret that Utah consistently falls short when it comes to providing women with the resources and support they need to succeed in the workplace, in local government, and in their communities. Fortunately, a local organization, Women Who Succeed, is working hard to change this through unique opportunities that allow girls and young women to grow in leadership and confidence. 

Meet Women Who Succeed

Women Who Succeed is a program of the nonprofit Success in Education Foundation. Working in partnership with the foundation, Women Who Succeed is a group made up of more than 150 women, all dedicated to making a difference in the lives of hundreds of young women by providing a pathway to college. Through networking opportunities, internships, scholarships, and highly-regarded mentorship program, Women Who Succeed is ensuring that young women in Utah have the tools and support needed to succeed long-term, in any career field desired.

How The Women Who Succeed Mentorship Program Works

The mentorship program is free-to-join, and mentees will work collaboratively with an assigned mentor—some of Utah’s top female CEOs, executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, filmmakers, artists, and other community leaders—to enhance leadership skills and promote personal development. The program spans a typical nine-month school period, August - May of the following year, and makes an incredible difference in the lives of those involved. 

 “We are currently launching the fourth cohort since the program’s inception in 2021,” says Mallory Santa Cruz, Director of Programs with Women Who Succeed. “To date, more than 1,000 young women statewide have participated in the program as mentees.  Additionally, more than $170,000 in scholarships have been awarded to more than 150 female students—supporting them in their ability to pursue higher education.”

There are two groups within the Women Who Succeed mentorship program, Junior Mentees and Mentees, so young middle/high schoolers have the chance to join. Junior Mentee participants (7 - 10th graders) have access to tools such as group mentoring, workshops, and supplemental materials geared toward individual interests with the program. Mentees (11th graders - college seniors) have the opportunity to receive mentorship and personalized coaching. 

Applications are now open for the fourth cohort.  Young women who are interested in the mentorship program should apply to be a mentee via the After the registration period has closed, mentee applicants will then be invited to schedule an interview with the Women Who Succeed board who will then determine final participants.  

Other Ways To Get Involved  

The mentorship program isn’t the only way for professional women to engage with Women Who Succeed—the organization has numerous ways for even the busiest of professionals to get involved with the organization by joining as members. Each member of the organization has the opportunity to influence the next generation of leaders by becoming mentors, appearing as event keynotes or podcast guests, serving on a panel, sharing professional expertise through monthly newsletters, etc. Thanks to professional women who are members of Women Who Succeed, their support has enabled the program to serve over 1,000 young women, providing over $170,000 in scholarships, and placing more than 60 interns in their desired career field.  

“[Our] resources and initiatives are made possible thanks to the inspiring women in our community who serve as Women Who Succeed members,” says Santa Cruz, speaking highly of the organization’s mentors, “[They are] giving of their time, resources, and talents that empower young women to succeed.”

Learn more about becoming a member and the opportunities involved at By donating, becoming a member, or applying as a mentee you can help impact the future of young women across the state of Utah. There is power in the collective voice of like-minded individuals focused on achieving a common goal. Invest in your future and in the future of Utah’s young women—donate or become a member of Women Who Succeed at