Gospel Stream is the new all-in-one video app released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Its purpose is to provide a single digital location for members to gather and watch videos on demand. As the Church’s official channel for video content, learn how to access many videos from broadcasts, General Conference and prophetic messages, to inspirational content, Come, Follow Me lesson videos, and your local sacrament meeting.

Here’s everything you need to get started using Gospel Stream.

Download Gospel Stream

Download the Gospel Stream app for free on mobile devices using Apple Store or Google Play. Viewing from home, you can download the app on your Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire Tablets and TVs.

To download Gospel Stream on your device, make sure it meets the following minimum specifications:

  • Roku: 5.2.1 or later
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad): 16.0 or later
  • Apple TV: 16.4 or later
  • Amazon: 6.0 or later
  • Android: 6.0 or later

Currently, Gospel Stream is accessible in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Gospel Stream will soon be obtainable in ASL.

Finding Videos to Watch

With a safe, ad-free environment, viewers can view many types of video content. Live broadcasts from Church headquarters, such as devotionals and General Conference messages are available and are subsequently ready for on-demand viewing. You can browse and search videos by gospel topic, content for children and youth, holidays like Easter and Christmas along with inspirational and uplifting messages. There are many possibilities to explore.

An audio-only feature for broadcasts is also available to listen with low bandwidth capabilities and save on streaming data usage.

Gospel Stream also links to your local events and area broadcasts. Local events will open in Zoom if your congregation uses it. If local leaders are utilizing this feature, local, published events appear in Upcoming and Live Broadcasts when logged into your Church account in the app. To share a local broadcast, sign into your Church account and find the broadcast in the Upcoming and Live Broadcasts row. Tap to open the video. The share icon will appear and you can choose how to share it. The app will prepopulate text and the link to your Zoom meeting.

If you can’t find event in your area, there could be two reasons. One, local leaders have not authorized broadcasts to be made available to everyone. Two, local leaders have not set up or published events or might not be using Church-provided Zoom accounts.

Turn on Notifications for Live Broadcasts

Turn on notifications and Gospel Stream will send you a notification five minutes before each broadcast starts.

Utilizing Videos in Your Life

Gospel Stream simplifies resources for members. The app assists in teaching gospel principles throughout daily life.

Browsable videos populated from the Media Library on ChurchofJesusChrist.org are ready to support Come, Follow Me, seminary, institute, Sunday school, and other lesson needs. Utilize the ad-free app for safe viewing any day of the week for non-Sunday activities as well.

Offline viewing enables options for watching while traveling or ministering and doesn’t require an internet connection. With a dedicated Downloads section, you can easily view and manage the videos you have downloaded without using space on your mobile device.

Hours of uplifting media for entertainment and personal study can benefit homes and individuals in unique ways.


When you find videos you like, share them with others. As the new singular app for Church video content, Gospel Stream is there to consolidate your video needs.

Download Gospel Stream and give it a try. Every broadcast and video. One app.