Arthur Brooks — Harvard professor, past head of the American Enterprise Institute and once-aspiring musician — reveals the secret of contentment.
Biden claimed that “some Republicans” want to do away with Medicare and Social Security — prompting a strong reaction from the GOP. He says taxing the rich would save the two programs.
Remembering the magical 2011 BYU basketball season, I spoke to Jimmer Fredette about the phenomenon that bears his name.
As Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, begins how will American workplaces accommodate their Muslim employees?
Elaine Elliott set a standard of excellence while coaching the Utah women’s team. Now she’s enjoying this year’s Utes’ run as a fan.
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The Jazz had had a couple of really good games recently, but Wednesday night’s contest against the Portland Trail Blazers was not the encore hoped for.
Fans are certain it’s Archuleta in the colorful parrot costume. Here’s why
The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel, Forbes’ Jim Williams sound off on the value of BYU in TV negotiations, expansion.
Some strawberry and lettuce farms were completely submerged during the storms
The FDA has deemed this manmade chicken as safe to eat
Women are receiving their education secretly in underground schools, refusing to lose hope on their future
For the first time, Latter-day Saint humanitarian aid and other charitable expenditures exceeded $1 billion last year.
Calm the unstable banking sector or keep fighting inflation? The Fed tries for middle ground in rate hike decision.
When Sara Beth Liebe took the ‘American Idol’ stage, she wasn’t expecting one of the celebrity judges to make a joke about her children.
BYU receivers Keanu Hill, Chase Roberts and Kody Epps are proven commodities, but beyond those three, the Cougars are inexperienced at the position.
‘It’s too early to declare the home sales recession over, but the decline in mortgage rates allowed buyers to dip their toes back in the market as did the cheaper prices,’ Christopher Rupkey said.
Members participated in 6.3 million hours of volunteer work and 3,692 humanitarian projects in 190 countries and territories
Time and time again, this plucky Jazz team has done just enough that it can’t be counted out.
Progestagen-only contraceptives were found to be linked to a 20% to 30% higher risk of breast cancer in women.
During the holy month of Ramadan, many Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.
Are the recent allegations against Trump a partisan witch hunt?
Gov. Cox cares about the Great Salt Lake and bettering Utah’s environment. ESG factors can help those goals.
The three-day meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping ended Wednesday.
The 6.5 magnitude earthquake killed at least 13 people and injured many others. The death toll will likely rise as search and rescue efforts continue
The age-long debate was sparked again when Catholic speaker, writer and podcaster Patrick Neve’s peanut butter was refused at airport security
Spring cleaning is a term that refers to a thorough cleaning of your house, top to bottom, to usher in the warmer months
Where to get free food, dessert and clothing discounts on your birthday.
The last time we saw Utah, it lost to Penn State in the Rose Bowl back on Jan. 2. A new season is dawning, and the Utes are looking forward, not back. They’re openly talking about the three-peat.
Here’s a breakdown, by venue, of concerts to watch out for this year.
New York and Washington, D.C., law enforcement are already preparing for possible civil unrest.
Like a box of chocolates, you never really knew what you were going to get this season. Now comes life in the Big 12.
Utah is an example of how states can best approach change in election policy.
New religion research confirms that basic conversations can help people understand and even appreciate various faith groups.
President has navigated university through a rich, and at times tumultuous, 9 years
Iconic country singer Reba McEntire put roots down in her home state of Oklahoma to help save Akota from becoming a ghost town
Here’s the full list of National Medal of Art recipients, which also includes Bruce Springsteen.
This letter is part of Brigham Young’s letter writing campaign to seek asylum for Latter-day Saints.
Kingsley Suamataia, Connor Pay and Utah transfer Paul Maile will anchor BYU’s offensive line in first year in Big 12.
There’s a debate about whether or not to raise the FDIC insurance limit, tighten bank regulations.
Since starting her book club in 1996, Oprah has now selected 100 titles that speak to her
HB2472, proposed by Rep. Janelle Ellis, aims to prevent fan misbehavior at universities