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If you made it to the bottom of a ski resort, chances are this artist showed you the way

Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait sold for $34.9 million, smashing records at auction

‘Just allow us to get on with our job’: Andrew Lloyd Webber criticizes U.K.’s COVID-19 rules

This artwork at the Salt Lake City International Airport could win a big award — with your help

Poet, potter, protester: The story of David Drake, an enslaved artist

This David Bowie painting was $4 at a thrift store, now it will auction for thousands

This invisible sculpture just sold for over $18K

Ballet West says two Black dancers were subjected to angry racial epithets

They joined a world-class symphony — and then the pandemic hit

Top 2 reveals from the ‘Friends’ reunion special (and 1 missing reveal)

Italian street artist sues the Vatican for using her art without permission

The actor who voiced Sebastian in ‘The Little Mermaid’ just died

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How NFTs are turning the world of collectibles on its head

Why are people spending millions on digital artworks, videoclips and music?

After ‘Murder Among the Mormons,’ this director turned to dance

A lot of live entertainment is returning to Utah. Here’s what we know

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Famous photographer Chris Burkard on risk, sacrifice and taking a career ‘plunge’

Chris Burkard began his career with a simple goal: become a photographer and use his job to see the world he couldn’t afford to see otherwise.

This star from ‘The Voice’ is making a big debut in Utah

Hard-hit culture and arts industries see hope after the COVID-19 pandemic

In Utah this week: A virtual ‘Messiah’ singalong and ‘Clueless’

In Utah this week: David Archuleta Christmas concert and ‘The Nutcracker’

In Utah this week: ‘A Christmas Story,’ Kurt Bestor, Jenny Oaks Baker and more

50-plus Christmas concerts, festivals and events to celebrate the holidays in Utah

In Utah this week: Christmas concert with GENTRI and Utah’s viral daddy-daughter duo

In Utah this week: ‘A Christmas Carol,’ Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand, and the Festival of Trees

In Utah this week: Holiday lights and Jenny Oaks Baker

In Utah this week: The ‘Pioneer Woman,’ ‘Modern Family’ actor Ty Burrell, and authors Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull

In Utah this week: Comedian John Crist and ‘Matched’ author Ally Condie

In Utah this week: Halloween and The Beach Boys

In Utah this week: David Archuleta, Brian Regan and ‘Napoleon Dynamite’

In Utah this week: ‘Labyrinth’ and a Stevie Nicks concert in theaters

In Utah this week: ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand

In Utah this week: Halloween movies and a free concert from the Utah Symphony

In Utah this week: ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ in theaters and a chat with Brandon Sanderson

In Utah this week: A BYU Dance livestream, Kurt Bestor and TedX Salt Lake City

This week in Utah: The Utah State Fair, and the Utah Symphony returns to Abravanel Hall

This week in Utah: ‘Monty Python’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ at the drive-in, and a Labor Day Luau

In Utah this week: ‘The Princess Bride’ at the drive-in and an online event with author Shannon Hale

This BYU grad is making religious art more inclusive for people of color

5 months after shutdown, Utah’s Museum of Fine Arts is reopening

In Utah this week: Live concert from Utah Symphony and Utah Museum of Fine Arts reopens

In Utah this week: Natural History Museum of Utah and BYU Museum of Art reopen to the public

In Utah this week: ‘The Music Man’ and the (virtual) Craft Lake City DIY Festival

In Utah this week: ‘Disney’s Moana Jr.’ and ‘Harry Potter’ birthday celebrations

In Utah this week: Blake Shelton drive-in concert and the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival

A personal crisis, the prophet Isaiah, and how life imitated art for this Utah author

In Utah this week: Tabernacle Choir broadcast and Utah Valley Parade of Homes

In Utah this week: David Spade, museums reopening and socially-distanced concerts

What’s going on in Utah this week: Outdoor movie nights and live theater