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Bethany Mandel is a contributing writer for Deseret Magazine. She is a homeschooling mother of four and a widely published writer on politics, culture and Judaism. She is an editor at and a contributor to the Washington Examiner blog and magazine.

Perspective: I tried to show the struggle of kids in masks. The internet shamed me as a mom, instead

Biden’s ticket out of the pandemic ... Trump

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You can’t trust ‘Sesame Street’ anymore to educate your children

Children’s media is addressing topics with presentations that aren’t just educational; they’re designed to guide your child’s moral compass in a direction of the program’s choosing.

Perspective: Modesty wins gold at the Olympics

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Hollywood continues to ignore traditional religion

Instead of only highlighting those who leave religion, what about a show that depicts an equally compelling and common decision to enter it?

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Are we seeing a welcome return to monogamy?

In an age where random hookups are en vogue, I’m happy for anyone to reignite the notion that sexual connection is best achieved within committed relationships.

Slow down. There’s a reason to teach self-restraint

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Perspective: I grew up with an absent father. Now I’m especially grateful for Father’s Day

I am eternally grateful as I watch what a truly healthy and loving father-daughter relationship should look like.

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Move over Big Tech, Big Oil — it’s time for Big Family

If the American Principles Project gets its way, soon American families will have their own powerful lobbying arm.

Modern motherhood has a major PR problem